World’s Oldest Body Builder, 93

Dr Eugster worlds oldest body builder 93

Dr Charles Eugster, now 93, decided to take up body building just 6 years ago when he was 87. What urged him to take up weight lifting? He was disappointed with his body and he was overweight so he wanted to lose weight. “I want to turn the heads of the sexy young 70-year old girls on the beach”. So, he hired a previous Mr Universe and now trains 3 times sometimes 4, a week. He is proud to admit that he can do 50 push ups (on his knees) in 45 seconds.

Dr Eugster is very positive, motivated and an inspiration to everyone. He strongly believes that anybody can do it. He has seen changes in appearance, energy and most importantly in the way that he thinks. “Ageing has become a pleasure, a joy and a delight”.

He is living proof that old age does not have to be a factor stopping you from being physically active and can in most instances be considerably reduced. Physical training at any age is beneficial for longevity and improved health which means it’s never too late to start”

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