Why Wheat is Unhealthy For You & Your Child

Dr Phil Maffetone takes an holistic approach to health & fitness. He encourages his clients to find reasons for their poor health & fitness, thereby treating the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.

According to Dr Phil Maffetone. next to sugar, wheat is the most unhealthy staple food in the Western diet. He likens eating whole wheat bread to eating a couple of tablespoons of white sugar. Dr. Maffetone cannot believe that manuacturers and advertisers advocate cereal as a child’s first food which is like feeding your child a jar of pure sugar. Giving your child cereal is the easy and most convenient option but unfortunately it is devastating to your child’s health. A significant portion of a child’s wheat consumption will turn to be stored as fat. This has been a big contribution to the obesity epidemic in young children.

Gluten (a protein in wheat) normally found in bread and other baked products is difficult to digest,  toxic, processed, high on the glycemic index and lacks nutrients. Wheat can also affect the absorbtion of important minerals and nutrients in our bodies. Other reasons to cut wheat from you and your child’s diet is that it’s commonly known to cause allergy, asthma, skin problems, intestinal problems, type 1 diabetes, inflammation and chronic skin disorders such as eczema.

Wheat can also cause allergies in children. It can affect the gut which can then affect brain function. Celiac’s disease (wheat intolerance) is another big problem for many people. It could be that it’s not noticed in a child until they are an adult. In the meantime, the child is suffering with all sorts of health issues such as skin problems and allergies.

A Paleo Diet (or Low Carb High Fat) full of fresh whole foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, salads and eggs is optimal for everyone who wants to be and remain healthy. When taking all these factors about wheat into consideration, why risk feeding your child wheat or products containing wheat. It’s important to bear in mind that your child may not be suffering from eating wheat right now but the likelyhood that they will suffer from one or many of the following: obesity, diabetes or other auto immune diseases later in life is high. If you want your child to be healthy I would recommend eliminating wheat or not introducing wheat into their diet.


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