Weight Loss Actions

I’ve just come across an great article by Peter Michaud on Action V Outcome. He has an interesting take on setting weight goals. Basically, he recommends thinking differently about our goals by shifting the emphasis to the goal actions rather than the goal outcome.

In other words , if you want to lose 10 kg, don’t make this your goal – make it your outcome. Now calculate the types of exercise and dietary changes required to achieve the outcome, and work backwards from there. I.e Choose your diet plan and exercise regime that you believe will help you achieve a 10 kg fat loss. Make these your goals, and not the outcome.

Paleo View

This makes perfect sense from a paleolithic & diet point of view, and it’s a great method for weight loss motivation. Firstly, any diet or exercise regime should never be temporary, it should become part of a lifestyle. For example, I will exercise 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I will avoid fast carbs Monday to Saturday. It’s important that the diet and exercises are sustainable else the fat will return if the actions stop.

Make it Measurable

It’s always a good idea to make the outcome and actions measurable (and realistic). For example, I will review my success after 3 months, and if I’ve not reached the 10 kg loss outcome, I’ll simply adjust the actions, and repeat.

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