2 Biggest Weight Loss Tips From Paul Jaminet

Weight Loss – Two Biggest Bangs for Your Buck

From Paul Jaminet & Wendy Myers

Paul Jaminet, creator of the Perfect Health Diet recently gave an interesting interview at living to 110 podcast with host Wendy Myers. Paul told Wendy his two strategies for weight loss that have the most bang for your buck are; intermittent fasting and circadian rhythm.

Paul’s Intermittent Fasting Protocol is a daily 8 hour eating window, with 16 hours of fasting which includes your overnight sleep. Martin’s Leangains website is an excellent source for advanced Intermittent Fasting information.

“Night eating is very bad for weight loss”

Paul stresses the importance of keeping the eating window during daylight hours. He typically eats from around midday to 8pm.

During the 16 hour fasting window, coffee, tea, water is okay, and if really hungry, then vegetable broth is also acceptable. He highly discourages adding oils and fats to coffee such as butter or MCT claiming the excess energy isn’t needed. Bullet Proof Coffee lovers will have to make their own mind up with this one.

When it comes to circadian rhythm, Paul recommends getting outdoors as much as possible during the day exposing yourself to natural sunlight.

“It’s only blue frequency light that disrupts your circadian rhythm. So you can get as much red, yellow, orange lighting as you want at night.”

Inside the home, replace any white light bulbs with yellow or orange which won’t disrupt circadian rhythm. Blue light exposure from computers is another disruptor but there is free software to screen out the blue light. On windows, F.lux can be used to screen out blue light exposure, and Redshift is available for Linux.

“When people only see orange light after 8pm, they get really sleepy and typically don’t want to stay up until midnight or 1am”

The interview is over an hour, and there is plenty more good information including why it’s good to eat fermented vegetables, and what macro nutrient ratios are optimal on the Perfect Health Diet. 

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On Our Primal Retreats

On our Primal Retreats we start the day off outdoors with a long walk for up to 2 hours, when back to the house for a tasty breakfast at 10:30 am. It’s actually a lot easier than people think, and is excellent for stabilising appetite, and weight loss. 

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