Toxic Sugar Video On Cause Of The Obesity Epidemic

The sugar tsars 'in bed' with confectionery giants

A new Australian TV program has been aired called “Toxic Sugar“. It talks about the true causes of the obesity epidemic. Professor Robert Lustig, Gary Taubes and obesity expert Michael Crowley star in the 18 minute video below.

The low fat advice has been detrimental to people’s health. The video explains how low fat products have had the fat taken out and replaced with sugar which has been the cause of the obesity epidemic. Eating dietary fat does not cause weight gain but sugar certainly does!

It’s not as simple as “calories in, calories out“.

People metabolise different calories in different ways. It depends on the quality of those calories.

Professor Lustig “...virtually every food item in the store that has a food label, it has some form of sugar!” “You actually burn more energy metabolising protein than you do carbohydrate“. Not all calories are equal.

Gary Taubes “Starving yourself to lose weight doesn’t work


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