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Reviews From Our Satisfied Customers

Cathy, Essex – Weekend Primal Retreat

“Unique! Magical!

Stuart & Lorraine provide the most wonderful environment to learn about fitness & the Paleo diet. Stuart is the Wikipedia of nutrition. They are inspiring to be with.

Having been on several boot camps, I actively looked for something more realistic, relaxing yet active and good food.

Lorraine’s yoga combined with Stuart’s kickboxing, wonderful country walks & outdoor gymnastics was perfect.

Would I come again – Yes!
Will I tell people about Primal Retreat – absolutely!

A treat to be found”.

Jacky, Essex – Weekend Primal Retreat
I would just like to say thank you to Stuart & Lorraine for a lovely couple of days. The house is very welcoming as are the hosts. Food was lovely and fresh and definitely kick starts the healthy eating habits for when you go home.
Good balance of exercise. There was quite a bit of downtime, but welcomed when you normally rush around non-stop A chance to read & catch up on magazines. Interesting to hear & learn about the Paleo diet, but I would’ve liked more opportunity to talk about it and to fully understand how to apply it when I go home.

Karen, Essex – Weekend Primal Retreat
Great, fun weekend of exercise and fabulous food! Just the right amount of everything in a very relaxing environment.

Nishi, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
The expectation was a little nerve racking but the atmosphere, the small groups and the range of abilities soon puts you at ease.
Both trainers are great at pushing you to achieve your best but also to ensure you don’t over exert yourself and find an alternative method for those with particular injuries etc.
The downtime provided enough time to relax the muscles & the variety of activities and locations kept things interesting. The only recommendation I have is of the yoga session where some, who had never done yoga or particular moves before, were unable to keep up. But it provided a perfect opportunity to stretch the muscles & warm the body up.
Overall, this has been a great retreat and would definitely recommend it to others.

Krishna, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
Primal Retreat was recommended to me through a friend and I was hesitant a bit at first. Once I came it was a totally different feeling. From the warm welcome to the great surroundings, I loved every moment of it.
Some highlights:
1. Great location with river, countryside and forest.
2. Great food with different type of taste each time.
3. Well rounded schedule though intense.
4. Comfy home like feeling.
Loved it.

Cheryl, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
“This was my second time back at the retreat as I enjoyed it so much the first time. I have been following the Paleo lifestyle since the first visit and really feeling the benefits so I also wanted to go back to give myself a little extra boost.
Lorraine and Stuart are wonderful, knowledgeable hosts who have made me feel very welcome in their clean, comfortable home. The surroundings are very scenic and calming. The food is of a high standard and the exercise is fun, varied and is suitable for all levels of fitness.
There is also plenty of time for rest. I feel very refreshed after my visit and looking forward to continuing with my efforts. See you next year Lorraine and Stuart!”

Orla, London – Weekend Primal Retreat

“The weekend has been very good and to a variety of skill levels, which meant I didn’t feel stressed but pushed to try many movements that I haven’t done in a long time. The area is really beautiful and there were great amenities.

The days have been well broken up and the weekend has gone very fast and it has been busy and interesting.

I already feel my eating habits have influenced me, the food was nutritious and delicious.

Lorraine and Stu have been great hosts and very knowledgeable on Paleo. Passionate but open to discuss different aspects making appropriate and a workable lifestyle for the individual”.

Lisa, Newmarket – Five Night Primal Retreat
I lost 2.2 inches off my waist 

Stuart and Lorraine really have mastered the art of hosting with tasty and varied meals, amazingly comfortable accommodation and relaxing spaces. After a weekend spent here last year I returned for a 5 day retreat. The results I achieved amazed me especially because most of the time I felt like I was on holiday. All of the classes are as relaxed or intense as you personally want and best of all they’re fun! I feel amazing, I couldn’t recommend enough and I can’t wait to book up my next visit.

Katie, Cambridgeshire – Weekend Primal Retreat

Great opportunity to relax and de-stress. Stuart and Lorraine are wonderful hosts, full of interesting conversation and great tips for building a healthier lifestyle. I love all the fresh air and the beautiful surroundings. It’s wonderful to work out outside and the house is clean, relaxing and very comfortable. I particularly like the copious amounts of delicious food.

Sarah, Tunbridge Wells, Kent – Weekend Primal Retreat
I’ve had a wonderful weekend at Primal Retreat. I’ve never done yoga or kickboxing before so was a little nervous but Stuart and Lorraine are really good, patient, motivating teachers. The food is absolutely fabulous, restaurant quality, varied and tremendously tasty. I didn’t miss my usual sugary snacks! We were lucky with the weather, so the country walks were lovely.
The accommodation is also very comfortable and high quality. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Nice fellow residents too!
Thanks Stuart and Lorraine. I’ll miss you, and the food (even the tortuous squats!)

Kerri, Warwickshire – Weekend Primal Retreat
Visit 2…….just as good as last time! Although I arrived fitter than last time, I’ve still come away with muscles that know they’ve been pushed to their limit.
Fabulous food, accommodation and hosts. Thank you….See you in the future.

Kate, Dubai – Weekend Primal Retreat
A complete package experience of gourmet food, fun activity, complete rest and rejuvenation. All under the expert eye, guidance and instruction of Stuart and Lorraine.

Lisa, Newmarket – After Weekend Primal Retreat

I’ve lost a stone in 2 weeks!! No crash diets. No starving myself. No getting up at stupid am to run around in the cold with someone shouting at me, in fact – NO extra exercise at all!!!!! Thank you so much Stu and Lorraine for introducing me to Paleo.

Mark, Saint Albans – Weekend Primal Retreat
This was my second Primal Retreat and I enjoyed it as much as the first. Once again I was made to feel very welcome by Stuart and Lorraine in their immaculate and comfortable home. The exercise was challenging and varied and tailored to each individuals abilities. It was a pleasure to spend the weekend with other guests and I will definitely be returning. Thank you for a great weekend.

Adam, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend away at Primal Retreat. Lorraine & Stuart were so friendly and accommodating and we all felt very relaxed. The retreat was a great experience, practising many new methods of exercise including yoga & kickboxing. Although I was new to the exercises I always felt comfortable with the support of Lorraine & Stuart.
The other people in the group were also very warm & friendly, and there was very much a sense of teamwork and helping each other out.
The food and accommodation was excellent and I will be using Lorraine’s recipes when I get home. After the weekend, I felt very healthy and a lot more active & productive.
Staying in the countryside was lovely for the weekend, getting away from the stress, hustle & bustle of London.
I recommend this retreat to everyone of all ages & abilities. You will have a great time, and learn a new lifestyle whilst having fun and making friends. Thank you so much Stuart & Lorraine. Adam

Jessie, London – Weekend Primal Retreat

Very enjoyable and challenging weekend. I like the way the program was set out. The exercises and fitness programs were very challenging but there was no pressure to be the best. You could go at your own level. I have been shown new ways to kickstart my fitness.

The food was lovely and very varied. I would recommend this weekend to friends, especially those wanting to start on a more healthier way of living.

Stuart and Lorraine were great hosts. They have a great knowledge and experience.

Rani, Brighton – Weekend Primal Retreat
Fantastic weekend – just the reset and time out I needed.
Great to get out in so much fresh air, move my body in new ways, and eat delicious, nutritious food.
Thanks Lorraine and Stuart for being such welcoming, friendly, generous leaders and hosts.
Oh – and thanks for arranging so much sunshine for us:)

Lisa, Newmarket – Weekend Primal Retreat

The food has been amazing and the exercise was fun. Stuart and Lorraine gave plenty of variations meaning things were as easy or as challenging as each individual wanted. I felt encouraged and not pushed throughout the retreat.

The rooms are all incredibly clean and very comfortable.

I am leaving refreshed, relaxed and with so much helpful advice. I shall definitely be recommending and returning.

Julie, Norfolk – Weekend Primal Retreat
Excellent food and accommodation. Really enjoyed all aspects of the weekend retreat especially the natural movement in the forest and kickboxing. Feels like I have had a thorough workout.
Look forward to coming back again. Thanks Stuart and Lorraine for a fab weekend and for helping me to conquer my fear of heights.

Saj, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
Thoroughly enjoyable Paleo retreat. Wonderful hosts, great food which was both healthy and delicious and plenty of outdoor exercise. I left relaxed and re-invigorated!

Dave, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
Had a fantastic time, food was great. Just the right balance of exercise, hard but not impossible. Muscles ache a bit so I know I have worked hard. Very well organised. Bedrooms lovely and comfy.  Loved kickboxing, was knackered afterwards but enjoyed it a lot.

Rachel, Birmingham – 7 Night Primal Retreat
This is the second time I have attended a Primal Retreat, and I have enjoyed this just as much as last time.
Throughout the week, Stuart and Lorraine have worked tirelessly to ensure the experience ran smoothly, and have put a lot of thought into the details.
The accommodation was comfortable and well thought out, the exercise varied and well spaced, and the food delicious and plentiful. Both Stuart and Lorraine are excellent at tailoring activities according to the abilities of the participants.
The week has acted as an effective de-stress for me, and I haven’t slept so well for months. I recommend the retreat to anyone seeking to improve their health and wellbeing; though the more you put into it, the more you will get out. I will be back next year!

Vicki, Liverpool – 5 Night Primal Retreat

A lovely 5 day break with Stuart & Lorraine, the perfect hosts.

The countryside location provided many excellent walks. The natural movement & exercise classes provided a total body workout without me realising how hard I was working and the yoga to relax & release tired muscles was a good end to the day.

I felt more mobile & toned after the 5 days & enjoyed the pace of the retreat. Thank you.

Rebecca, Liverpool – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I have really enjoyed my time at Primal Retreat. It is very relaxed but you are pushed to the best of your ability at the same time. The accommodation is brilliant and beds very comfy. The hosts make you feel at home which adds to the experience.

Moira, Farnham – Weekend Primal Retreat
A truly fun, fit and full weekend! Arrived not to sure on what to expect but found the mix of exercise both stimulating, challenging and rewarding. The food fantastic and the company great too.
I’ve been pushed just out of my comfort zone – but haven’t felt “forced” into anything. But my muscles know they’ve worked. First ever yoga experience – and managed the “crane”. I can’t tell you how proud of myself I was! Looking forward to next time!

Francine, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
Another amazing weekend retreat with excellent activity sessions & fabulous food. The natural movement activity was an opportunity to revisit our childhood, fearlessness & fun. The accommodation & location are perfect, and like my last visit, many opportunities for rest & relaxation. Thrilled also that my yoga has improved.
Thanks again Lorraine & Stuart, see you next year!

Jenny, Windsor – Weekend Primal Retreat
Excellent experience particularly for an inexperienced person like me who is just trying to get into fitness & healthy eating. Lorraine & Stuart were very patient, encouraging & explained things well. Food superb, beds comfortable, showers hot.
A real good kick start in lovely surroundings. Hope to come back next year and see how far I have progressed.

Philippa, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
This is my second visit to Primal Retreat and I loved it just as much, if not more than last time.
Lovely venue and fab facilities. Great pace over the weekend with a balance of activities interspersed with fabulous food, especially the guacamole.
Really enjoyed the yoga and ‘playing’ in the forest. We have been looked after so well by Stuart & Lorraine. Can’t wait to come again next year!!

Anna, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
I had a great time, thank you both. Delicious food, nice country walks and plenty of exercise I’ve not tried in a while. All worth the effort. x

Joanna, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
It was really great, thanks! Especially the natural forest stuff (zip-lining, jumping etc)

Serena, Singapore – 7 Night Bespoke Primal Retreat
“I lost 3.5 Kgs, 2.8 inches off my chest, 2.4 inches off both my waist and hips” (7 Nights)

A friend who had been to Primal Retreat before arranged a week long bespoke retreat with the aim of kick starting my plan to lose weight and get fit.

Under the guidance of and with encouragement from friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable trainers, I managed to lose 3.5 kilos in my seven days there. I also lost 2.8 inches off my chest and 2.4 inches off both my waist and hips.

I feel fitter than when I first arrived too. The meals served took into account my dietary restrictions and were delicious, nutritious and satisfying. I did not get hunger pangs unlike other diets I had tried in the past.

The exercise programme was varied and worked on endurance, balance, overall strength and toning focusing on expending energy and burning fat. It included long walks, weights, kickboxing, natural movement and circuit training.

The exercise routines were tailored to my fitness level and were fun while still providing a challenge. The entire experience took me away from the daily routine which got me to my unhealthy state and has given me the impetus to continue with my weight loss and fitness training.

Mala, London – 7 Night Bespoke Primal Retreat
“I lost 3 Kgs and a massive 3.15 inches off my waist” (7 Nights)
Enjoyed a fantastic 7 days at Primal Retreat. Lost 3 kilos and a massive 8cm off my waist!:)
Food is amazing, Lorraine is an amazing cook. Never felt hungry and never had any cravings throughout the stay.Stuart is very dedicated and a joy to work out with.
Am definitely coming back.

Dizzy, Southampton – Weekend Primal Retreat
This weekend has lived up to all my expectations. ‘Change’ comes from within and not only do I feel physically happy I feel mentally happy too. Lorraine and Stuart you are ‘super-stars’, absolute marvels in the way you seem to get the very best out of people and to push the boundaries to excel more.

The activities were so well thought out and a good choice too. People can try as hard as they want or just stay within their comfort zone without feeling pressured. I felt I was a person this weekend and not treated like a machine.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome, thank you for helping me push myself to see what I could do. The food was outstanding!! Amazing weekend, I will be coming again.

Love Dizzy

p.s. Thanks for helping me kick sugar!!

Lyndsey, Hampshire – Weekend Primal Retreat

Me and my mum came to Primal Retreat for the weekend stay and had a brilliant time! The food was very good and the fitness pushed you as hard as you wanted to work.

I have come away with a lot of knowledge and will definitely be returning. Stuart and Lorraine make you feel so welcome and would do anything to make you feel relaxed at home and help you with anything! Thank you for a good weekend!

Jan, Cambridgeshire – Weekend Primal Retreat

I couldn’t have wished for a more pleasurable weekend. Stuart and Lorraine have obviously worked incredibly hard and considered every aspect of the weekend to ensure it all runs like clockwork. And it does! Its professional, fun and at the same time pushing each individual to find new limits.

The accommodations is wonderful – comfortable, relaxing, bright and tasteful, warm and welcoming. The food is delicious. We all started the weekend with various beliefs and ideas about what we could or couldn’t give up, and by the end we all were amazed at how easy it was to adopt a new way of eating. I for one have completely given up sugar (or sweetener) and my attitude to eating has changed hugely. I ate when hungry and when my body had burnt off the energy it gained from a healthy way of being.

Their knowledge of Paleo is outstanding. Loved loved loved it! Highly recommend it – just try it, you’ll love it.

Cheryl, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
I was recommended the Retreat by a friend and I am so glad I finally managed to attend. I feel like I have gained a good basic knowledge of the Paleo lifestyle and it’s benefits. This was due to Stuart and Lorraine who makes you feel very welcome and seem to always be happy to answer any questions. I really enjoyed all the meals and exercise sessions and am beginning to feel healthier already apart from some minor sugar cravings!
The surroundings are beautiful and the inside of the house is very comfortable aiding relaxation.
Lorraine and Stuart – you are lovely people and an inspiration to me. I am looking forward to enjoying the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle in the near future!
Best of luck with everything and I hope to return some time.

Judy, Cambridgeshire – Weekend Primal Retreat
Stuart and Lorraine are great hosts and made my stay very enjoyable. The training given would suit complete novices as well as those who have a high level of fitness as you can take part at your own pace and receive plenty of encouragement to want to try harder.
If you like the outdoors and one to one support i can fully recommend Primal Retreat.
Accommodation is spacious and the food is satisfying – you won’t feel hungry.  



Julia – Weekend Primal Retreat

I was really looking forward to this retreat and it didn’t disappoint in any way.

The house is lovely and comfortable as are the bedrooms. The beds are cosy but I didn’t sleep very well – not sure why.

What I really enjoyed was that the whole weekend was an immersive experience. I enjoyed all the exercise sessions and although I thought I was fairly fit, I found them challenging.

The group was great company and we were supportive of each other’s achievement, as well as having a good laugh together. We didn’t need alcohol to enjoy ourselves!

I would have liked it if the walks were circular although I enjoyed them nevertheless.

There was plenty to eat and all delicious and filling.

Stuart and Lorraine are calm, knowledgeable and encouraging.

I feel that this is the perfect healthy retreat.

Thank you very much.

Mala and Crispin, London – 7 / 5 Night Primal Retreat

Mala – I lost 5.4 kg and 2 inches off my waist (7 Nights)

Crispin – I lost 2.1 kg and 1 inch off my waist (5 Nights)

My wife and I chose the retreat because we wanted to become “leaner” and to experience the “Primal” approach. The retreat was terrific and we each achieved our goals. Lorraine and Stuart made us very very welcome and both of them are great trainers. Lorraine is an excellent cook and we really enjoyed all our meals particularly Lorraine’s breakfasts.

The walks and exercise sessions were just right and we were also able to rest effectively. Stuart is a great exponent of the Primal way and is very effective in linking exercise routines with natural movement.

We enjoyed the company of the others who were with us and we gained much mutual support and had a lot of laughter. We shall certainly return and we leave leaner, fitter and on our way to become “Fat Burning Machines” as Stuart would put it.

Thank you, Stuart and Lorraine, for a great experience and a highly enjoyable week.

M & C

Katie, Cambridgeshire – Weekend Primal Retreat

This was my second retreat and I will certainly be back again. This weekend was higher intensity than my first, but that was because most of the people here were repeat visitors so I think Stuart pushed us harder.

The accommodation and food are fabulous and although the exercise has it’s toll on the body there is so much time for rest and relaxation, the experience is very enjoyable

Janet, Cambridgeshire – Weekend Primal Retreat
Excellent, if tiring weekend, well organised and plenty of variety of exercise.Despite a dire weather forescast, the rain wasn’t allowed to dampen the enthusiasm.
Having done a 5 day program in 2014, I needed a kick-start to continue the good habits, and am certainly looking forward to a busy summer now!
As always, thanks to Stuart & Lorraine for your support and encouragement, it really makes the difference!
Great new base, great friends, great food!

Teresa, Margate – Weekend Primal Retreat
“Let’s go back for a booster weekend” she said “it’s been a year” she said… how hard can it be…? I thought, hmm, I remember now ‘no pain, no gain’ but a feeling of achievement at the end of each day.
Having lost a stone last year after my 5 day camp instigating the Paleo lifestyle, I then started to slide back into the old way and regained some of the weight. This weekend has put me back on track with a focused outlook.
A great setting with seemingly unending supply of tasty and satisfying food. All in all a super weekend and yes, I would do it again and recommend it to anyone wanting a ‘taster’ of the Paleo & fitness lifestyle or just a reminder to get back on track.
Stuart & Lorraine, hat’s off, you’ve cracked it!

Tracey, Norfolk – Weekend Primal Retreat
A fantastic weekend where I have stretched myself in a supportive & encouraged environment. Food & accommodation excellent. I would recommend everyone to give it a go no matter your fitness level as Lorraine & Stuart will help you each step of the way. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Kerri, Warwickshire – Weekend Primal Retreat
Great!! I loved the kickboxing and will be looking for a class when I get home. This weekend has been an opportunity to do all the things I enjoy (walking in lovely countryside, playing – for once without the kids). Reconnecting with the joys of yoga after not attending a class for many years has also been brilliant.
Food – outstanding (if only my 4 year old would eat veggies like this!)
Thank you Lorraine and Stuart, it’s been lovely and I shall be back again (fitter).

Angie, Cambridgeshire – Weekend Primal Retreat
Fantastic experience, more difficult than I imagined but that is due to my fitness level. The yoga was particularly good and I am keen to carry on with this.Great food & great company. I learnt a lot about what foods we should eat.

Joan & Ciara – Update from Weekend Primal Retreat
Hi Stuart and Lorraine, I thought that I’d give you a quick update on how Ciara and I have been doing since our retreat. We mostly eat primal still, just relax it for a few drinks at the weekend. Both of us feel that our taste buds have changed and we no longer crave sweet things.
We have fallen into a routine of bacon and eggs for breakfast , salad with protein and good fats for lunch and healthy varied dinners made from real food!
Without realising the rest of the family have joined in. I think I have only bought one box of cereal in the last few months and I used to buy one a week!!! I would like to thank you both so much.
I turned 45 last week and I feel healthier now than I have for the last 20 years. I don’t weigh myself anymore but I know from clothes that I have lost plenty.
Ciara is doing so well , she has so much more energy, her skin and hair is great. The best bit is no longer caring around the baggage of feeling always guilty for overeating the wrong things!
I honestly never expected to get so much from a weekend away so thank you both so much. I see that you are settled into your new place, that’s lovely to see.

I wish you both all the best in the future Joan and Ciara

Rachel, Lincolnshire – Weekend Primal Retreat
Returned for the second time (because it’s that good:)) wonderful, friendly, helpful people, who welcome us always.
Informative and you can push yourself as much as you want.
If you put 100% in, I promise you get 150% back. Awesome food, beautiful place, awesome surroundings.
Thank you and will hope to see you in due course.

Debbie, Newcastle – Weekend Primal Retreat
This is my 2nd time of visiting, beautiful location, outdoor activities excellent. Food is amazing, as always. Feel properly relaxed and well exercised. Ready for a new week.
Thank you

Anna, Cambridge – Weekend Primal Retreat
My time at Primal Retreat was fantastic. The classes were challenging and catered for every level of fitness. The rest periods between classes were perfect and the food – amazing!
All of that in a friendly, comfortable and well kept home made my time here enjoyable, relaxing and I will definitely be coming back!!

Mark, Cambridge – Weekend Primal Retreat
My experience over the weekend was brilliant! This is the first time I’ve ever been on a retreat weekend and I would definitely recommend it and come again.
The different levels within the training was very well demonstrated to help everyone work to their ability.
It was my first boxing training and yoga session and I really enjoyed it. The food was amazing and tasted great. 100% recommend to anyone.
Thank you very much!

Sarah, Cambridge – Weekend Primal Retreat

A wonderful, peaceful retreat, with a good amount and variety of different exercise. Loved the yoga and kickboxing, beautiful river and country walks, fantastic food and good company. Slept like a log, great rooms, beautifully comfortable beds. Will definitely come back. Sarah x

Karly, Salisbury – Weekend Primal Retreat

Another fantastic weekend spent with Stuart and Lorraine. This is my second visit and I enjoyed every minute of it. The food was simply delicious again, and I felt stuffed full of goodness at every meal. The retreat is so lovely and the rooms beyond comfortable. I could have spent the whole weekend snuggled in bed, and that’s not just down to laziness. I love the natural movement class – it’s pure playtime. Stuart and Lorraine are kickboxing and yoga gurus. Awesome teachers. I can’t wait to come back for a third time.

Sarah, High Halden – Weekend Primal Retreat

Great place & good introduction to Paleo. Accommodation is good & food is plentiful & delicious. I’m leaving motivated and ready to follow some of the Paleo lifestyle – and that’s just after a weekend here.

Mark, St Albans – 5 Night Primal Retreat

Stuart and Lorraine give you a warm welcome and make you feel very at home in their spacious and comfortable retreat which is kept spotlessly clean. The three exercise sessions a day compliment each other nicely and add variety but most importantly are enjoyable and fun. You will be encouraged to push your personal boundaries but without over exercising or having to keep up with others. It was great to experience different types of exercise in a safe and encouraging environment. The food is just amazing! Lorraine is a fantastic cook and there is always plenty, you will not go hungry.

Stuart and Lorraine are so knowledgeable about the paleo lifestyle and I learnt so much about how to eat healthy filling food that will satisfy you. The added bonus for me (which I was not expecting) was that I can home totally relaxed as there is such a good balance of exercise, food and rest.

The other people on the retreat were great company and we all encouraged each other. My aim was to improve my fitness and Paleo knowledge both of which I achieved and also lost 6 cm around my waist. I came home feeling great and inspired. Thank you so much Stuart and Lorraine.

Ian, Newmarket – 5 Night Primal Retreat
I lost 1.5 kg and 2 inches off my waist
I came to the retreat having already been on the Paleo diet for six months and also being an active, fit person. The retreat is set in an amazing house and grounds which offer luxury for the downtime between activities. There is a perfect amount of rest time between activities and the timetable is kept to 100% which means the day is easy to follow. With the groups being small everyone has individual attention which means you are getting a personal trainer for between 5-6 hours a day.
The food on the retreat would rival any 5 star accommodation and while being absolutely delicious is plentiful with seconds and thirds available. I would say it’s the best weeks diet I have ever experienced on a Paleo and non Paleo diet.
Lorraine & Stuart are great hosts and we get to share their house. The beds are super comfortable and the showers are always hot which is a bonus when you need 3-4 a day. I arrived a fit & healthy person so, weight loss wasn’t expected. However, I have lost 1.5 kg and an amazing 2 inches off around my waist.
I would recommend this retreat to everybody as each individual is looked after as an individual. The retreat is a lot of fun as well and I have has some great laughs with this week’s housemates.

Darcy, Edinburgh – 5 Night Primal Retreat

It was so varied, engaging & enjoyable that it never felt like work.
Stuart & Lorraine are truly lovely & have the perfect gently encouraging attitude! They are also full of knowledge & skills. The venue was very homely, welcoming & relaxed. Food felt abundant.
Honestly, I cannot recommend Primal Retreat highly enough. Thank you both for everything. I might well be back!!!

Michelle, London – Weekend Primal Retreat

I have had a wonderful weekend. The accommodation was spotlessly clean, beautifully presented and very comfortable. The food was all very tasty and really satisfying. There was more than enough to eat – something I believe is not true of all retreat / boot camps! It was good to see Paleo cooking in action.

I thought the exercise activities were very well balanced and we were all able to work at our own pace and intensity. I particularly enjoyed the natural movement session. It was different and not too challenging – something we were grateful of by the last afternoon. The balance of exercise and free time was just right – just enough to recharge and get ready for the next session.

Lorraine & Stuart were fabulous hosts and were very easy company. I will definitely like to do another weekend retreat.

Louise, Salisbury – Weekend Primal Retreat
My weekend retreat was a birthday present from my best friend, Michelle. We wanted to try something new, that included yoga, but also a decent amount of other exercise, that would be challenging. We came to the right place:)
Stuart & Lorraine are very welcoming and the accommodation is uber-clean and incredibly comfortable (I slept like a very warm, snug log!!). The food was fresh and delicious, with generous portions and lots of variety. I didn’t feel hungry once.
Loved all the exercise, particularly enjoyed the kickboxing and having been apprehensive about the natural movement session, I had great fun. Enjoyed pushing myself. Would love to come again! Thank you for making my 40th birthday celebrations very memorable.

Kate, London – Weekend Primal Retreat

Thanks Stuart and Lorraine for a fun weekend retreat – it was great to learn more about Paleo eating, and I loved the natural movement session in the forest! All the best in your new venue and thank you again for the warm welcome. One suggestion would have been some Paleo snacks / trail mix for the morning walk, although, by day 2 I did not feel so flaky!

Jessica, Cambridge – Weekend Primal Retreat
Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I particularly appreciated the balance between rest time and exercise – the weekend was not overfilled with activities and this make it a sociable experience. Your home is a sanctuary!
For me it was a challenge to do such a long walk without breakfast, but I was very surprised to see how much easier it was than I thought.
The food was great and plenty of it. As an intro to a Paleo diet it worked well – it might have been a more easy ‘buy in’ if there had been some small Paleo snacks – e.g. midway through walk.
I really enjoyed the yoga and got a lot out of it. I would have liked slightly more intensity in the boxing workout. The forest workout was great fun.
Thank you for a great experience. I will certainly be recommending it. 

Lynne, Middlesex – Weekend Primal Retreat
Beautifully clean accommodation, a warm welcome and a variety of activity. Lorraine & Stuart encouraged us gently and provided high quality instruction. The food was superb and I was pleased I managed the challenge of walking without breakfast. Thank you both for sharing your beautiful home and your experience & passion for Paleo & exercise with us.

Best wishes, Lynne

Emma, Worcester – Weekend Primal Retreat

I was initially reluctant to sign up for fear of what to expect from the weekend, but when I heard from others’ experiences I decided there was nothing to lose and much to gain.

I’d been primal for 5 months anyway and it was great to speak to like minded people, share tips and experience and reassure myself I was heading along the right lines. The exercise was fun and varied and there was a great balance of down time thrown in.

Meals were delicious (Thanks Lorraine!) and have inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen. It’s great to meet new people in the welcoming and supportive setting, would definitely recommend it. Thanks Both!

Jennie, Tongham – Weekend Primal Retreat

Lovely food, taking away different ideas of things to try – who thought you could have mussels for breakfast! Really enjoyed the morning walks, did find the other exercise hard work being unfit with injuries – Going to ache for a while I think! Really good to talk to people about Paleo and bounce ideas off each other. Can’t believe you made me watch X-factor though!!

Joan, Essex – Weekend Primal Retreat
A very relaxing weekend that taught me a lot about the Paleo way of eating. I feel it has made me want to completely change how I eat from now on. The exercise was good, varied and just the right amount. I was surprised just how relaxing the weekend was.

Thank you, Lorraine & Stuart, for lovely food, exercise and company. I will keep in touch and let you know how my change to eating the Paleo way goes. I would recommend this to friends. Joan

Ciara, Essex – Weekend Primal Retreat 
After coming to Primal Retreat knowing very little about the Paleo diet I know I feel very well informed. The weekend was nothing like I expected – but in a good way. The fitness side was a really nice soft approach. I enjoyed eating in a way I had never experienced before, and I plan to go home and carry on trying this new way.
I enjoyed this weekend and feel I benefited from all areas, and will definitely recommend both this diet and weekend to other people in future. I hope to carry on this diet now.

Katie, Cambridgeshire – Weekend Primal Retreat

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend retreat. The accommodation was perfect and the atmosphere was relaxed and informal. I was initially a little apprehensive as I went alone, but everyone who attended was open, engaging and very approachable. Lorraine and Stuart are both fantastic company and the whole group bonded very quickly.

I particularly enjoy exercising outdoors, so the kickboxing, long walks and natural movement classes were wonderful. The surroundings made it seem a pleasure rather than an effort and although the exercise classes seemed gentle and fun I really felt their effects.

One of the highlights for me was the food and I commend Lorraine on her delicious cooking. I never imagined I would eat so much which was great as I have a big appetite. There was also plenty of rest time and ample reading material provided so we could all relax our bodies while stimulating our brains. I would recommend the Paleo and Primal Fitness weekend to any of my friends and will definitely attend another.

Susi, London – Weekend Primal Retreat

It was a fantastic weekend … And so far I am off that nutella bread in the morning … Actually had no sugar/bread/pasta and managed well. It was a real good weekend, real good fun and workout on the playground and so much education on the diet. Thank you. Susi

Karly, Salisbury – Weekend Primal Retreat

I just wanted to thank you both again for such a lovely weekend. It was hard work, but so much fun too, even with the rain! You looked after us so well, the food was delicious and the exercise challenging. Even though everyone in the group came from different backgrounds, I think we made a nice mix and had a giggle. The added bonus of a great weekend is that I’ve also dropped two pounds in weight. I will definitely be back.

Jennifer, London – Weekend Primal Retreat
The weekend was a great way of me progressing towards my goals of weight loss and helping me to finally kick my harmful sugar addiction! I loved how much outdoor / play like workouts were incorporated. You can have fun while working out!
Thanks again!

Ellie, Nottingham – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 3.54 inches off my waist and 1.57 inches off my hips

41 year old female, very obese (16 st ), rather unfit, having let herself go over the last couple of years, in a serious low, completely fed up mood! I booked the retreat just one month ahead, in a fit of “positiveness” or should I say despair! I’d reached a point where I was so miserable and uncomfortable in my skin, binging most nights, that enough was enough and something had to be done! Primary thought, was, “I need a detox from the junk food and overload of carbs” so, I was looking at detox holidays.

But although I like yoga, the idea of doing hours of it with lithe, skinny women really didn’t appeal .Neither did the juicing or colonoscopy, thank you very much! Fair enough, Paleo was not new to me. As a matter of fact, I’d been trying for the last 2 years to stick to it, to no avail you have guessed. I’d manage breakfast (Bonus: I didn’t go hungry by mid-morning like I did on cereals) and lunch ( a sandwich would put me to sleep by 2pm!) but dinner was a complete failure. Junk food heaven! And yes, I know, don’t keep it in the house… blah blah blah… but there are shops on the way home from work calling my name very very loudly. The greek mythology sirens have nothing on my local Coop! And, by chance, someone on one of the Primal/Paleo Facebook pages I followed posted something about wanting to go on a Primal Retreat. That was it! A bit of surfing later and I’d booked myself. Prices were very reasonable considering you were getting full board and “almost” personal training. OK, so the downside was having to share with someone I didn’t know. ( You can ask for single rooms, at a supplement I’m assuming, but that probably would have made it too expensive for me!) But I’m a grown up, surely I could cope!

In the 2 weeks after making my booking, I went back and forth between “I’m crazy, I’ve got to cancel, I can’t do this, they’ll all be super fit” and “It’ll be good for me, give me a kick start to a healthier me, wanting to keep on the Paleo wagon, it’ll get rid of the carbs cravings”. At the 2 weeks prior mark, I paid my second half, still very very nervous about it all. I had by that time received a couple of emails from Stuart and Lorraine re-iterating the fact that I’d be fine on the camp.

The exercise was adaptable to any fitness level or age or size! (well, they didn’t say anything about size, but you see what I mean!) 2 weeks later and here I was, finally there! And boy was I nervous! Well, you know, you don’t voice it, you appear perfectly confident and at ease and everybody is fooled. But really, I was shaking in my trainers! And you know what… drum roll….. There was absolutely no need for it! (The shaking, not the drum roll!) But I assume by now you’ve guessed as much and think me a right wimp. You are very likely right. Nevertheless, I shall carry on in great details…

First of all, everybody was friendly and smiley. I think I arrived to rip-roaring laughter in the lounge where the others were gathered. The girl I shared with was lovely and as it turned out, we seemed of similar fitness levels. We had our first training session one hour in. Kickboxing in the back garden. Now, I must tell you, it sounds scary, but kickboxing is fun! Exhausting, but fun! No pressure there about being good or anything, just go for it is the motto. Dinner that night was a massive amount of salmon (double the amount I would normally have had!) with bucket loads of veg. All mightily tasty I might add. The following days followed the pattern of a 2 hour walk by the river, first thing in the morning (which could be relaxing and soothing should you wish to not talk to anybody, or invigorating and very social), back to base for a lush breakfast of eggs or/and bacon and veg (pretty much dinner size!), then a restorative break.

On to the mid-day session which was either a mix of kickboxing and mov-nat, which as already mentioned before, is fun, or a childish play about in the forest on the climbing wall and the like. I think Stuart calls it mov-nat, but really, it’s just a big kids’ playground! Fair enough, either of these session were rather knackering, pardon the language, but with so much fun mixed in that somehow I got conned into exercising way more than I thought I was! After another luscious lunch of meat and veg in large quantities.

Another recuperation rest, slightly longer. On to the hour of Ashtanga Yoga. Again, that wasn’t a complete unknown to me. But, nevertheless, my “bulk” was worrying me rather. I’m lucky to be quite flexible and know my “down dogs” from “up dogs” but, let me tell you, with a very large stomach getting in the way, it’s not easy and I was dreading that too. Again, truly, there was no need. Lorraine made it very clear that we were to do the best we could and enjoy it. All her advice was helpful. All her comments were encouraging. Overall, this was a very good experience.

Challenging exercises that were fun enough that you forgot you were actually exercising. delicious and plentiful meals. ( I did get a tad hungry a couple of times but I suspect my bingeing has made me loose sight of what normal portions are and also, I’m hungry in my head more than my stomach, which can only make sense to an over-eater!) And plenty of encouragement and positive feedback to keep you going and not feel like an utter-idiot. (sorry, maybe disclosing too much here! it’s possible your inner-voice is not as chatty and cutting as mine is!) So, don’t be afraid if you’re a complete beginner, or very overweight or not in your prime.

If you’ve no clue about paleo, Lorraine and Stuart are so knowledgeable, you’ll be a convert in no time. If you are into paleo, then it’ll be a refreshing change to find like-minded people and not be scoffed at by work colleagues who keep on insisting that you’ll die because you’re not having wholemeal bread or porridge. Go for it, you won’t regret it. Ellie

Orla, Ireland – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 4kg (8.82 lbs) 

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from Primal Retreat as i have never took part in anything like this before. however, spending 5 days at the Primal Retreat in Woodbridge, Suffolk, was a life changing experience for me and is certainly something I would recommend to anyone, regardless of fitness, age or size.
The attention to detail on this retreat was second to none, with a lot of useful, comprehensive info provided beforehand and beautiful, comfortable accommodation that exceeded expectations. The trainers Stuart and Lorraine were extremely sincere and passionate about helping each person strive towards accomplishing their personal goals. They are extremely passionate about good wholesome foods, aging gracefully and about helping the unfit and overweight.
The camaraderie was amazing among the small intimate group, and the pace was kept up so that we were doing a lot of exercise without even realising, and pushing each other to achieve more. I was surprised how much my stamina increased in such a short time for activities such as yoga, press ups and cardio and I definitely intend to keep it up.
The sessions were hard work, but varied and fun too. Stuart was incredibly motivational and challenged us with activities such as kickboxing, climbing, crawling, balancing and tabata’s, not to mention the beautiful 2 hour scenic walks each morning. There was adequate downtime and breaks, and 3 times per day there was a delicious, hearty Paleo meal to look forward to….. I was fully satisfied by the food…so no need to worry about going hungry! Lorraine, excellent cook and yoga instructor was truly inspirational with her cooking, with a variety of dishes and recipes.
At the end of the week I lost 4 kg! My body was both toned up and glowing from the fresh air, motivation and fresh, Paleo food diet. I will ensure to make time to come again. Orla


James, London – 7 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 5kg (11.02 lbs) and 1.57 inches off my waist

This was my second Primal Retreat and I loved it. After last year’s retreat I lost 5 kilos in 2 months. I really enjoyed the natural movement which broke up the camp into different phases. The food was delicious and I was never hungry despite training really hard. Stuart and Lorraine are wonderful hosts, trainers and cooks! The atmosphere at the retreat was great as the other residents were very friendly and there was a lot of time to chat and relax.

The balance of activities was good with the early morning walk setting us up for the 2 hours of kickboxing and natural movement and finally the yoga to end the day. I really really enjoyed it. Thanks Stuart and Lorraine


Rachel, Birmingham – 7 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 1kg (2.2 lbs), 1.77 inches off my waist, 1.18 inch off my hips, and 0.78 inches off my thighs

This week was so much better, in every way, than the commercial boot camp I went on last year. Whereas at the end of that week I came up with about 25 suggestions for improvement, at Primal Retreat I cannot think of a single one. Stuart and Lorraine are a very genuine couple, clearly passionate and knowledgeable about what they’re doing, and the entire enterprise is full of heart. Less is more: it isn’t necessary to work out every minute of the day in order to achieve great results.

Eating real food that is healthy, plentiful and delicious is a definite improvement on feeling constantly hungry as I did on the other boot camp. The small group size creates an intimate feel, where the participants can forge strong supportive bonds, and the group has been an inspiration. I hope to attend next year, in order to re-experience an immensely, enjoyable week.


Laura, London – 7 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 2.5kg (5.51 lbs), 2 inches off my chest, 2 inches off my waist, and 1.18 inches off my thighs

This is my second Primal Retreat with Stuart and Lorraine and it has surpassed even the excellent experience I had the first time. Since the first camp one year ago I have enjoyed keeping up my exercise regime following Stuart and Lorraine’s expert advice and I have continued enthusiastically in my Paleo lifestyle  journey reaping all the health benefits.

The retreat was ran as precisely in a smooth professional yet friendly manner. I have been practicing intermittent fasting and Stuart and Lorraine gave me the opportunity to skip meals and then choose whether or not to add the skipped meal to my lunch or dinner.

The walks in the mornings ranged from between 7 – 9 km and they really gave us the energy to take full advantage of Stuart’s kickboxing and MovNat program. I cannot praise enough these thoroughly enjoyable yet challenging sessions designed to give us a really good work out and get an introduction on an element of play that brought all of the participants together. We started off as strangers, yet we all became a real team. I think some lasting friendships formed at the camp.

Lorraine’s yoga remains a deeply invigorating and almost spiritual experience where mind and body are reunited happily after a hard day’s work. The Paleo meals, variety and flavours were amazing as it was impossible to go hungry. Thanks you once again Stuart and Lorraine for a wonderful energising and life changing Paleo break.

I return to my daily routine a slimmer, stronger more agile self and I commit to return to Primal Retreat at least once a year! To many more such wonderful experiences. The best thank you will be to spread the word far and wide!!


Margaret, London – 7 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 2kg (4.4 lbs), 2.36 inches off my waist and 1.57 inches off my hips

I heard about Primal Retreat from a friend who attempted this on a previous occasion but was not interested in the initial stages. But with “more than gentle” persuasion I decided to give it a go. I did not know what to expect, but thought it was a good way of losing weight and was somewhat interested in the activities involved as seen by previous photo’s taken at the Retreat.

Though looking forward in participating in various activities such as circuit training, kickboxing fitness, natural movement in the forest and yoga, I was slightly apprehensive to how well I would cope and maintain my stamina as I have not exercised for well over 35+ years.

Both Stuart and Lorraine encouraged and inspired me greatly with the care given, professionalism and enthusiasm. The responsibility of health and safety was taken seriously by both enabling me to maximise my physical and psychological potential. The meals were served by Lorraine was tasty, presented and often more than enough. Big thank you for meeting my needs as I am such a “fussy eater”.

I have learned so much in the week I have been here and I now realise that Primal Retreat is not just about weight loss but maintaining a healthy lifestyle by following the Paleo food diet. There was great camaraderie within the group where we all encouraged each other. I thoroughly enjoyed the natural movements in the forest. Not knowing anything about the Paleo food diet I have learned so much within the time I have been here which will help me lead an active lifestyle. I shall endeavor to maintain this diet inspired by the variations of food presented so beautifully.

Thank you Stuart and Lorraine for your caring attitude shown to us with great professionalism and encouraging and inspiring us in all we have learned this week.


Martha, London – 7 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 1.5kg (3.3 lbs), 1.57 inches off my waist and 1.57 inches off my thighs

This is the third time I have attended Primal Retreat. I have continued to come because I have felt I needed encouragement from both Stuart & Lorraine to continue with the intensive exercise and paleo food diet. Your Primal Retreat is excellent with such a small group which gave me inspiration. It was 7 days of intensive exercise – walking for 2 hours in the countryside, which I enjoyed so much as I don’t like walking by myself.  Walking in a group is so much fun and really enjoyable.

The natural movement in the forest I greatly enjoyed and I seemed to have more energy and enjoyed everything such as climbing walls, balancing etc. Stuart’s kickboxing lesson has helped to greatly reduce my waist line which  I am very pleased. The yoga class by Lorraine has greatly improved my balance. Also, I can now do some poses that I could not do at the last Retreat. For example, I can now do the “crow” pose which was a great improvement.

I loved the paleo food which was delicious. I didn’t get hungry so sometimes I skipped lunch. The group was so friendly, full of laughter and it doesn’t matter what age you are as Primal Retreat caters for all ages. I plan to come back next year.


Mary, London – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 5kg (11.02 lbs), 2.36 inches off my waist and 1.57 inches off my hips

I am a 67 year old lady who was skeptical about going to the Primal Retreat as I had not done any sort of exercise over the last 40 years. However, I was convinced by a friend who had attended the Retreat on previous occasions, that I would lose 3-4 kg and that I would be advised as to the benefits of the Paleo food plan which would ensure my continuous weight loss when I returned home. My level of physical ability was low so I was concerned that I would not be able to keep up with the rest.

However, both Stuart and Lorraine who run the training course, put my mind at rest from the first day, assuring me that each candidate is assessed and a suitable work out adaptation would be made. This was subsequently enforced as every consideration was given to me in order to maximise my physical/psychological potential.

I enjoyed the circuit training, kickboxing and yoga which both Stuart and Lorraine taught with professionalism and enthusiasm. Nothing was too much for them in order to help me/us in achieving our weight loss/body tone goals etc. The meals were so tasty and very easy to make and more importantly filled me/us up. The latter was particularly good as snacking has always been my problem.

During the course time there was a great sense of camaraderie among our group who together on the course, with Stuart and Lorraine encouraged and inspired each other while training. This is of course was conducive in achieving our aims. I will continue with the Paleo food plan which has changed my preconception/ideas of what to eat in order to lose weight and improve my sense of well being, i.e. more active lifestyle.

I was delighted to find out that by the end of the 5 days training, I had lost 5 kgs – Amazing! I remain assured that I will continue adhering to the menus of the Paleo food plan.


Teresa, Kent – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 2.5kg (5.51 lbs), 1.18 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips, and 1.18 inches off my thighs

Having been roped in at the last minute by my sister to join her at Primal Retreat I put down my donuts and decided to approach the next 5 days with a positive attitude. I have been impressed by the dedication of Stuart and Lorraine to get the best out of every individual at whatever level they may be. Their encouragement is unending.

The ‘work’ rest ratio is perfect. The food is healthy but plentiful and I can say I haven’t been hungry once since I arrived. It is not only a weight loss and a trimmer body I am leaving with but a change in mind set and the wish to continue with a much healthier lifestyle.

I would recommend the retreats to everyone. You get out of it as much as you want to put in and the results are fantastic; I feel great!!


Lorna, Sheffield – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 2kg (4.4 lbs), 1.57 inches off my waist, 1.77 inches off my hips, and 1 inch off my thighs

This was one of the most challenging but enjoyable week I have had for a long time. The exercises are well thought out, varied and well balanced with rest periods. You work hard through the sessions, then have plenty of time to recuperate.

The food was as advertised, plentiful, tasty and nutritious, Lorraine is an excellent cook! The week raised my fitness levels no end, and has spurred me to join a local kickboxing club. I would highly recommend this camp for anyone looking for a friendly environment with which to diet, exercise and enjoy some ‘me time’.

Lorraine and Stuart are great instructors who give one-to-one attention to everyone, and are encouraging, motivating and great role models. My weight loss and loss of inches were obviously a bonus…but the highlight of the week was enjoying every day, and meeting the other girls! Thank ya xx


Janet, Cambridgeshire – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 2.5kg (5.51 lbs), 3.54 inches off my waist, and 1 inch off my hips

Decided to attend Primal Retreat at short notice, so no time to build up stamina or fitness – bit of trepidation as I walked in on day one worried I would be unable to keep up! However, should have known better as I already attend Lorraine’s weekly yoga class and the week was run on same lines, i.e. push yourself but work to your own level.

Great mix of exercise with good rest gaps in between meant each day presented challenges, but the camaraderie of the group soon built some gentle teasing to keep the spirits going if the flesh flagged! Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for the ideal week in fresh air with exercise, in a like minded group, but NO SHOUTING, no counting calories, no sense of failure – just exhilaration, achievement and new friends!

Massive thanks to Stuart and Lorraine – great teamwork throughout.


Laura, London – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 2.8kg (6.2 lbs), 3.7 inches off my waist, and 1.4 inches off my hips

As a Paleo “veteran” of 8 months I was looking for somewhere in the UK where I could enjoy a few days of Paleo lifestyle and test my stamina and new found energy. I don’t think I can thank Stuart and Lorraine enough by starting this in the UK. They are two young enterprising people who are a true inspiration.

They run the retreat in a friendly and professional manner and very efficiently. It is easy to see how much planning and preparation have gone into it but with plenty of flexibility to accommodate individual needs. Both Stuart and Lorraine are extremely competent instructors. Stuart’s kickboxing is a challenging class but full of fun and an amazing way to get ripped. Lorraine’s yoga is a true relaxation that will do wonders to tone your body, improve your balance and greatly increase your flexibility.

The food is delicious and filling, you never go hungry and you will feel your strength increase by the day. Not to mention the social experience and the bonding that happens in a small motivated group sharing the same experience. This was a most rewarding experience.

We all return home leaner, fitter, healthier and greatly motivated. It suits all levels just bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to challenge yourself. My husband and I will make a visit to Stuart and Lorraine’s Paleo farm a regular thing and we recommend this whole heartedly to all!! Hope to see you there.


David, Cambridge – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 3.2kg (7.05 lbs), 2 inches off my waist, and 2 inches off my thighs

We both had a brilliant time and would return without a second thought. Everything was extremely well planned and thought-out. Exercises were very varied and worked on different sets of muscles and flexibility. Some exercises were hard designed to be but always possible to rest and go at own pace. Initial aches soon disappeared.

Food was excellent very tasty and lots of it – too much! Teaching of classes was first class, lots of patience with people who were doing things for first time and lots of personal attention, just what is needed.

Arriving having exercised very little, overweight and eating ‘wrong’ foods, I am leaving feeling significantly fitter, much more flexible than I’ve ever been and, perhaps crucially, enthusiastically looking forward to continuing both diet and exercise.

The Primal Retreat provides an all-round learning experience. It is highly recommended. Both Stuart and Lorraine do everything they can to make it comfortable, enjoyable and a very rewarding experience indeed. I thank you both and really appreciate everything you have done. Many, many thanks, David. 


Tatiana, Cambridge – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 3.5 inches off my waist, and 3.3 inches off my hips

I wasn’t aware, to be honest, on what to expect when I booked this Retreat other than exercising lots. Every day was an experience full of discoveries, good ones. Not only the exercise time was good and challenging but the attention given by Stuart and Lorraine to details was precise.

Accommodation was excellent, food absolutely divine, healthy, plenty, diverse etc. Can’t compliment enough! Personally, I had 5 excellent days away from my routine which allowed me to rest mind and soul, while exercising, getting fitter, rediscovering my own body. Thank you Stuart and Lorraine for this wonderful experience! All the very best to your efforts to help people feel the best they can!


Veronica, London – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 1kg (2.2 lbs), 2.36 inches off my waist, and nearly 1 inch off my hips

This is the second time I came to Primal Retreat. Lorraine and Stuart’s teaching is excellent. New exercises every day, some of which was intensive which I love and made me work harder. The Paleo food was delicious. With no pasta, potatoes and bread, I didn’t feel hungry. Three meals a day were given, but sometimes I was so full, I could only eat 2 meals a day. Paleo food has helped me to lose weight and the exercise was really important in firming up my body. 6 hours of exercise a day is fantastic, as I don’t get to do that much at home. I am really pleased with the weight loss and also I am so pleased I lost nearly 2.5 inches off my waist.


Martha, London – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 2.2 kg (5 lbs), 3 inches off my chest, over 2 inches off my waist, & over 1 inch from my hips

I have been going to the gym for a number of years and have not been able to lose much weight. So, I would like to say how impressed I am with the Primal Retreat team and the course. Big thank you to you to re discover myself after a very hectic life working in London and eating the wrong food.

The scenery on the walks were beautiful and I enjoyed it despite never liking walking beforehand. Although I have done some yoga before, I found Lorraine’s lessons of great benefit and very enjoyable with clear and concise instruction throughout.

Thanks to Stuart for all his kickboxing lessons which I enjoyed so much. It was my first time trying it. I always thought kickboxing was for males and not for women like me. I was wrong, it’s for everybody, young or old. The Paleo food: It was delicious. It does not make you hungry quickly, despite doing a lot of exercise. I have lost about 5lbs/2.2 kg in only 5 days. I have lost over 2 inches off my waist & 3 inches off my chest.

Thank you Primal Retreat, you have changed the way I think about exercise and food. I would like to come back again in two months time in July. I will definitely recommend to all my friends this fantastic weight loss retreat near Cambridge.


Patricia, Cambridge – 5 Night Primal Retreat

I Lost: 1.1kg (2.4 lbs), just over 3 inches off my waist, and 1 inch off my chest

In May I spent a week at Primal Retreat. It was the first time I have eaten a Paleo diet so it was very different. I thought I would miss potatoes which were my favourite food, but there were so many other things I could eat that I didn’t miss potato, rice, pasta or bread. I was served foods which mainstream diets restrict like avocados, bacon, eggs and real cheese. There was an abundance of food, including vegetables and salad with every meal. You could eat as much as you liked and I was never hungry. I had no desire to snack or eat between meals at all, but I was encouraged to drink more water and less milky tea!

I did find the exercise regime quite grueling – but enjoyable. I also found the “rest” periods strange because I am simply not used to resting during the day. Stuart and Lorraine advised me that adequate rest is an important part of maintaining a healthy metabolism. At the end of the week I had lost over 3 inches from my waist! I have stayed “Paleo” since. I don’t eat potatoes rice or pasta at all now, and rarely eat bread. I recommend Paleo to my friends, in particular to those that want to lose weight.

Primal Retreat changed the way I think about food and exercising. I find it very liberating not to be bound by the “ three meals a day” conventional diet routine. Many days I find that two meals a day is more than adequate for me. I have kept up the walking and kickboxing and I am leaner and more energised. Primal Retreat worked wonders for me, and I would recommend it to anyone.


Philippa, Hampshire – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

Loved it. Thank you. The exercise sessions were well paces and well instructed. I enjoyed all of the sessions and it was lovely to do something different from usual gym routine. Despite apprehension about an early morning walk before a late breakfast, I enjoyed the walks and felt more ready for breakfast. Lorraine’s yoga sessions were awesome. (Stuart’s sessions were too!) I make attempts at Paleo but it was good to see how it works for me and how easily a “diet” can be adapted. Simple, but delicious food and I didn’t find I was hungry after meals. We all felt so relaxed.

Lorraine & Stuart are great hosts and made us feel really welcome. We’ll be back. Shame we have to go home.


Francine, Surrey – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

Amazing! Everything I wanted and more. The activities are very well structured and scaleable to fitness levels. The accommodation was excellent. It felt like a weekend away in the country with a good amount of relaxation time to feel like more of a vacation! The food was plentiful and delicious, in addition to well-balanced and nutritious. Thank you to Stuart & Lorraine – see you next time!


Hilary, West Sussex – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

I had reduced my carbs but not followed the Paleo diet to the “Letter”. I wanted to see and experience the food from the experts. It was lovely, fresh and exciting food and I never felt hungry. The exercise was well balanced and adequate for the two days – Stuart and Lorraine are great hosts and fantastic people to know. I would definitely recommend this weekend as it is healthy, relaxing and well structured.


Joanna, Surrey – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

The Paleo Retreat weekend was really great. What I really liked: – The food was amazing, especially the frittata – Comfy bed – Nice place to stay – Good exercise instruction. I’m not used to doing so much warm up / warm down but I really liked it. Also, the whole experience was really relaxing. Thank you, I have really enjoyed the weekend!


Sarah, London – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

Brilliant weekend! From the moment I arrived at the station I felt very looked after, it was all so easy. The accommodation was very comfortable and the food was amazing! Loved the activities, I arrived for the weekend with a pretty sore/tight back and left with it a lot better! I will definitely be returning, thank you so much for your hospitality, it really did feel like you went above and beyond for all your guests. Brilliant!


 Elaine, Coggeshall – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

Arriving with a slight feeling of apprehension I was soon put at ease with the warm welcome from Stuart & Lorraine as hosts. Unfortunately I suffered a hamstring injury prior to coming to Primal Retreat. This only affected my self esteem and everyone was very supportive. I did the exercises I could manage & felt much better for it. Yoga & I didn’t quite hit it off, only because I was really stiff. I really enjoyed the weekend course & all companions were very pleasant.

The meals were delicious, healthy & filling. I hope to continue the Paleo diet at home. Our accommodation was superb & very comfortable.

All the exercises were gauged to all individual abilities, mostly being outdoors. Luckily the weather was fine the whole weekend. I would definitely recommend a weekend course for those who would like to try a healthier & more active life.


Orla, London – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

What an incredible kick start to a summer of fitness! The Primal Retreat has been fantastic. I never thought I would be able to move as fluidly as when I was a child. However, it has shown me how naturally moving can affect your fitness levels and toning.

There has been encouragement at all times and the exercises modified to all abilities means everyone is included and reaps the benefits. The food has been great, a very healthy body shock but highlights the amount of overeating that we all do. Lorraine & Stuart make a good motivational team, which makes you give all exercises a go.

I also never realised how much you can actually fit in during a weekend. Thanks for a great weekend.


Johan, London – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat Being a bit unsure about the Primal Retreat beforehand, especially the yoga, I was very pleasantly surprised about the big variety of exercises and the delicious food. The weekend has given me a lot of fitness and food advice (and skills) that will be very useful for running training and general training. Good times!


Anna, Cambridge – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

Friendly atmosphere, great food, varied & exciting classes. A must do for someone who wants to lose weight, get fit and have fun in the process!


Jennifer, London – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

The Primal Retreat weekend was an excellent way to kick start my return to fitness after having a baby five months ago. Importantly I also learned a great deal about Paleo nutrition and how it could help me with some autoimmune conditions as well as of course losing weight, getting in shape and feeling better.

Stuart & Lorraine organised everything perfectly and were so helpful with answering questions. The food was great too. I will look into a further Weekend Retreat for sure. Thank you!!


Debbie, Newcastle – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

Fantastic food/company. Really good range/mix of activities, way better than an army type boot camp. Good motivation and activities can be attempted at any level.


Rachel, Lincolnshire – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

Polite, friendly, informative, great concept. A mixture of brutal, hard work with amazing staff and fantastic food. Gives you a real understanding of what we should be doing. Thank you.


Anna, Cambridge – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

I had a great time. Stuart & Lorraine were very friendly and great motivators. The classes were well planned and executed, you were never pushed over your limit. I will certainly be coming back for more! Thanks guys!


Clare, London – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

What a great find. The intense exercise sessions partnered with the rest and relaxation time made this a great weekend. The food was delicious, healthy, fresh and filling. Stuart & Lorraine were lovely hosts. Nothing was too much and they were always able to answer any questions we had. I am going home feeling energised & refreshed after just 2 nights. Thank you both for a great weekend.


Debra, London – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

A great introduction to a healthy lifestyle or kickstart to one. The workouts are varied, enjoyable and suitable to any level of fitness. The food is tasty and filling. It is expertly run and the small group size ensures everyone gets that personal touch. A most enjoyable experience and highly recommended.


Lorna, Twickenham – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

The Primal Retreat is a great combination of diet and exercise designed to give a kick start to a Paleo lifestyle. Unlike other boot camps I have attended, we were not over exercised or starved and I ended the weekend pleasantly tired having enjoyed some lovely meats – especially the breakfasts! Stuart and Lorraine are very knowledgeable and the small group setup allows for plenty of 1 to 1 attention.
I will definitely be telling all my friends to come along!


Patricia, Cambridge – Weekend Fitness Primal Retreat

This is my second Primal Retreat weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The food was marvellous. The whole exercise regime was exhilarating and energising. I feel fitter and healthier and would recommend them to anyone.
The exercise is demanding but the results are worth it all. Stuart and Lorraine are excellent teachers.


Mrs Slimmer – Paleo Diet Follower, Newbury

I lost: 6.5 Kilos (1 stone) with no exercise

Hi Primal Retreat, I just wanted to say a great big thank you. I have struggled for years with my weight even attending weight loss meetings for the past 10 years but never really managing to get it under control. When I broke my ankle and was unable to exercise for the last 7 weeks I was really afraid of putting on loads of weight (I was already in the really obese category). I really thought at best I could just about break even I never dreamed I could lose weight! Thankfully right at the beginning of my 6 weeks in a cast with my leg up I found paleo! I have to admit it was hard for me to re-train my thoughts and allow myself to cook and eat things that I have been advised not to touch (like butter and pork crackling – lol). I have been so amazed at how good things tastes when not cooked in a ‘low fat’ product. I have also been surprised at how full and happy I have been feeling. Maybe it’s just me, but I think allowing natural fat back into my diet has helped my mood. Anyway to get to the point I have managed to lose a whole stone! I am now lighter than I have been in years. I love getting up each morning and weighing myself. People keep telling me how good I look and I can’t stop smiling. So once again I want to say thank you primal retreat for making such a huge difference in my life.