Super Strong 64 Year Old Grandfather

Robert Durbin weight loss success

This is an amazing video showing Robert, a 64 year old grandfather working out. He is super strong and ripped. He says that he is proving people wrong about the things he can do. He started at 56 years old. He was previously walking with canes, could hardly walk, was really unhappy and disappointed that he couldn’t do things with his kids and grand kids.

An inspirational story that shows it’s never to late to start exercising and get fitter and stronger.

His advice is to take an hour or two a day and get started on calisthenics, weight lifting, cardio or anything that you can do. He says that he feels better than when he was 18 years old.

Since he started at 56, he has now dropped more than 70 pounds (32kg), lost 18 inches off his waist and weighs 145 pounds (66kg).

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