What’s the Strangest Food You’ve Eaten?

Maasai traditional diet

In the video below, National Geographic explorers talk about what they have eaten when they have been out in the field. Some examples include goat testes, sheep eyeballs and larvae from bee hives.

The zoologist says the Maasai drinking blood and milk from their cattle is revolting. To a westerner, this may seem unorthodox but a traditional Maasai diet primarily relies upon, both raw cow’s milk and cow’s blood.

The Maasai are also incredibly healthy and recent studies have shown almost no disease or signs of heart disease. Interestingly, Maasai that have moved into cities where they are eating diets with higher levels of sugar and grains (traditional Western diet) compared with their traditional Maasai diet, show much higher rates of heart problems.

The most unusual food I have ever eaten is snake soup in Taiwan, which was pretty tasty.

What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten? Leave your comments below.

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Article by Lorraine

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