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Residential Weight Loss Boot Camps

slim farm low carb weight loss boot camp

We just have 1 place left on our weight loss boot camp from Sunday 5th until Friday 10th August.

Past attendees have lost between 2-3 inches off their waist.

Slim Farm Boot Camps is an all inclusive residential Camp which offers five nights of high quality accommodation set in the scenic and tranquil Cambridgeshire countryside.

The price includes three tasty, nutritious, and satisfying home cooked Paleo meals per day which consist of fresh meats, fish, salads and vegetables. Paleo eating is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective & healthy diets for weight loss.

We also provide up to 6 hours of training per day. Exercise includes kickboxing fitness, yoga, strength training and walking. Suitable for all fitness abilities.

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If you are not able to take a week off work or have other commitments then join us for the weekend. See dates for Slim Farm’s Weekend Fitness Boot Camps


  • Venue is only 1 hour from London by train – close to all main UK airports
  • Weight loss that’s easy to sustain & healthy
  • Our aim is that after one week you will leave slimmer, feeling refreshed, healthier, fitter & more energetic
  • A challenging & fun experience
  • Exercise for fat burning & fun
  • We serve Paleo food using the latest scientfic research for weight loss
  • A greater sense of well being

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