Skinny on Obesity (Part VII): Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol…and Sugar?

The 7th video installment of the Skinny on Obesity Series with Dr. Robert Lustig & Company. This episode shows the true picture of the country’s agricultural policy and food industry, which makes it nearly impossible to avoid sugar in our daily  diet. Dr. Lustig and Elissa Epel, UCSF give suggestions to remedy the situation such as banning or taxing sugar, fructose and sugar products. First of all, you may think this sounds extreme as education and self responsibility is important. However, Dr. Lustig points out that currently, in our stores 80% of the food is laced with sugar, which means consumers have a limited choice. Access to those better choices are needed.

Dr. Lustig asks:

“Does your obesity affect me?”

Answer: “$65 billion – reduction in productivity due to obesity”, “50% increase in absenteeism due to obesity”, “$147 billion per year in medical costs due to obesity” “Yes, your obesity affects me”

Key Quotes

“Sugar is toxic and abused”

“If you have no choice, how can it be personal responsibility”

“I am trying to reverse the nanny state because it’s already here”

“Incentivise healthy food”


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