Skinny On Obesity (Part VI): Fast Paced Fast Food Life

The 6th video installment of the Skinny on Obesity Series with Dr. Robert Lustig & Company. This episode is all about the pace of modern life being a key contributor to today’s obesity epidemic. It’s worth watching and only 7 minutes long. Elissa Epel and Barbara Laraia from the University of California, San Francisco explain that we don’t have time for food and that high stress can influence our diet & eating behaviour. Practical solutions are given that don’t involve dieting and exercise.

Key Quotes

“High stress influences our behaviour, our appetites, stimulates over eating & is related to both insulin resistance, the metabolic syndrome & general obesity”

“Stress makes us hungry, makes us crave dense calories and choose less healthy foods”

“We need to eat differently, change our relationship with food, eat in response to hunger rather than emotion and habitually”

“The more they decreased anxiety and stress, the more abdominal fat they lost”

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