Skinny on Obesity: Sugar – Sweet Addiction: Part IIII

Sugar isn’t just sweet, it’s addictive!

Dr. Robert Lustig is back and in this episode he explores the cycle of addiction that sugar causes in the brain, in a similar way as drugs and alcohol. He questions how we can eat more than we’re supposed to and explains that no one can exert will power over a biochemical drive that is constant.

Watch it below, the video is only 7 minutes long.

Quotes from Dr. Lustig

“One signal is the starvation signal which is not working, when you don’t get the leptin signal, your brain thinks its starving”

“Second signal is in the reward system, an area in the brain called the reward area (Nucleus Accumbens)….where dopamine works (a neurotransmitter), it conveys a feeling of pleasure…a lot of pleasure is not good”

“Tolerance & withdrawal are the hallmarks of addiction”

“We know that this occurs with nicotine.., alcohol.., cocaine…, morphine, cannabis & sugar too”

“Sugar downregulates the same receptors in that reward centre as does all of these other addictive compounds”

“No one chooses obesity, obesity chooses them”


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