Skinny on Obesity: Hunger & Hormones – A Vicious Cycle – Part III

Sugar afftects the brain, impacts how hungry we are & increases our waistline.

Dr. Robert Lustig, Pediatric Endocrinologist, University of California, San Francisco explains in part III of Skinny on Obesity the biochemical shifts that sugar causes, causing us to to store fat and feel hungry at the same time. He states “The Science is now here” and explains simply & brilliantly why eating less and exercising more cannot be done and the biochemical reasons why it’s not duable.

Key questions answered by Dr. Lustig in his video

Why is eating less and exercising more not duable?

In obesity, you have high levels of leptin (a hormone that limits what you eat & signals to your brain that you are full), How do you explain high levels of leptin and still be eating too much?

How come leptin used to work 30 years ago but doesn’t work today?

Some Quotes by Dr. Lustig

“Leptin not doing its job is called Leptin Resistance”

“Insulin makes fat”, “More insulin, more fat”, “Insulin drives weight gain”

“Insulin blocks leptin at the brain & makes you hungry”

“The higher your insulin….,the hungrier you get & there’s your vicious cycle of consumption, weight gain & disease”

“All being promoted by excess insulin which comes from the industrial global diet”


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