Skinny on Obesity Part II

Dr Robert Lustig, Professor of Clinical Paediatrics, in the Division of Endocrinology Director of the Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health (WATCH) Program at UCSF continues with Part II of Skinny on Obesity (Sickeningly Sweet). This part is only 9 minutes, and brilliant sums up the connection between diabetes and sugar consumption.

Lustig Quotes:

“Now I have nothing against sugar, when it’s appropriate and rare”

“Total calories do explain an increase in diabetes rates around the world, the effect size is very small. But when you start breaking it down by what those calories are, it turns out the only one that correlates with that increase is SUGAR. A calorie is not a calorie”  Sugar is 50 times more potent than calories in explaining diabetes world wide”.


If you missed part I – then see it here: Skinny on Obesity Part I (12 minutes), or watch Zoe Harcombe’s Obesity Talk at  Cardiff Metropolitan University (1 hour)


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