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Joan and Ciara (mother and daughter) came on one of our Weekend Primal Retreats late last year. They recently sent us an email with feedback on how they have been doing since the weekend. It’s really great for us to hear what changes they have experienced. Most importantly, they have made Paleo work for them and their lifestyle and even managed to turn their family mostly Paleo (without trying too hard from the sounds of it).

Joan & Ciara’s Email; 

Hi Stuart and Lorraine,

I thought that I’d give you a quick update on how Ciara and I have been doing since our retreat. We mostly eat primal still, just relax it for a few drinks at the weekend.

Both of us feel that our taste buds have changed and we no longer crave sweet things. We have fallen into a routine of bacon and eggs for breakfast , salad with protein and good fats for lunch and healthy varied dinners made from real food! Without realising the rest of the family have joined in. I think I have only bought one box of cereal in the last few months and I used to buy one a week!!!

I would like to thank you both so much. I turned 45 last week and I feel healthier now than I have for the last 20 years. I don’t weigh myself anymore but I know from clothes that I have lost plenty.

Ciara is doing so well , she has so much more energy, her skin and hair is great. The best bit is no longer caring around the baggage of feeling always guilty for overeating the wrong things!

I honestly never expected to get so much from a weekend away so thank you both so much. I see that you are settled into your new place, that’s lovely to see.

I wish you both all the best in the future

Joan and Ciara

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