Possible Diabetes Prevention With Plain Water

Recent findings by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have concluded that women who drink water instead of sugary drinks such as juices or soda, have less chance of developing diabetes.

The research was put together over a 10 year period from over 80,000 women. Interestingly, they found that women that drink water along with sugary drinks don’t lose weight, but those who cut out the sugary drinks and replaced with water had seven – eight percent less risk of developing diabetes.

Drinking juices are also unhealthy for you just like soda. “The reality is those juices contain the same amount of calories and sugar as soft drinks,” Dr. Hu remarked in the Reuters Health article. Researchers also found that every sugary beverage a woman consumed could increase her risk of diabetes by ten percent.
It is always better to eat a whole piece of fruit than drinking juice because many nutrients are lost when fruit is turned into juice. Water is always the best choice for hydration, weight loss and keeping healthy.
Water should be your primary source of fluid everyday. Our bodies are made up of over 60% water, not other fluids such as tea, coffee or soda. Be careful that tea, coffee or soda does not become the main source of fluid in a day. The average daily consumption of caffeine for an adult in a day is 280mg (approx. 2-4 cups). Excessive conusmption of caffeine can cause health conditions such as anxiety disorders to worsen. If you find drinking water too plain, add some lemon or lime.

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