Paleo Works: REAL Patient Data

Real patient data from a women in her early 60’s who had a host of medical issues including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and suffered a few years ago from quite a big stroke, decided to go Paleo for one month. This was recommended by Dr. Ernie Garcia, an Internal Medicine and Sleep Specialist. He encourages his patients to change to a Paleo lifestyle for just 30 days. He questions his patients to ask themselves if they can change the way they feel and their long term health by simply changing the way they eat, is it worth trying?

The woman mentioned above answered “yes” and her results were amazing, one of which includes a loss of 4 inches around her waist. It’s always inspiring to hear when a person can change their health for the better and live a healthier lifestyle.

See her results here: Original Data Source


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  1. Kate

    Absolutely it works, in fact so well we bought the company! 😉

    Mike – Paleo Works Ltd


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