Paleo Success Story – 8 kg Lost in 7 Months

Paleo success story

Today, we have a Paleo success story from one of our customers who first joined our Paleo Retreat in April 2012. Martha has been a keen gym goer for at least 9 years but despite exercising many hours a week (which was a struggle), never managed to lose any weight.

On top of that, she has suffered from colitis (inflammation of the colon – which is known to be caused by autoimmune reactions), as well as sleep and digestion problems. 

Since attending our 5 Night Primal Retreat in April & one in August 2012, it gave her the kick start she needed to continue living a healthy Paleo lifestyle. She has now lost a total of 8.1 kg in only 7 months. She should feel really proud of her weight loss but most importantly, eating a Primal/Paleo Diet has massively improved her health markers. Her before and after results and story is below:

Height: 5’4″

BEFORE – April 2012

Weight: 73 kg / 11.50 Stone / 161 Pounds

Waist: 35.63 inches

Chest: 41 inches

Blood Glucose Level: 6.5 (Taken Jan 2011)

NOW – Nov 2012

Weight: 64.9 kg / 10.22 Stone / 143.08 Pounds

Waist: 31 inches

Chest: 36 inches

Blood Glucose: 5.9 (Taken May 2012)

Total Weight Loss: 8.1 kg / 1.23 Stone / 18 Pounds

Overweight, Pre-diabetic, On Statins & Digestion Problems

For a long time, I have been overweight, had digestion and bowel problems as well as having no motivation to exercise. When the doctor, told me in Feb 2012 that I was pre-diabetic, I knew that I needed to make some lifestyle changes. When I first heard about a Paleo Diet, I was skeptical as I thought you HAD to eat starchy carbohydrates for energy. However, when I started to read more about it, I realised this was not true – you can get energy from many other better sources. Vegetables are an excellent source of carbohydrates and are much more nutrient dense than bread, rice or pasta would ever provide my body.

Paleo weight loss

Pre-Paleo – No motivation or energy

Primal Retreat’s Kickstart

When I first went to Primal Retreat in April 2012, they informed me that a “low fat, low calorie diet” was not sustainable or effective for fat loss and definitely not healthy. I also found out that eating “fat” does not make you “fat“. It was a hard concept for me to understand at first but I was eating lots of fats such as avocados, butter, fatty meats etc and losing weight. So, I couldn’t argue with the results.

Paleo Food is Satisfying

The Paleo food they served consisted of plenty of meat, fish, eggs, a variety of vegetables and salad. I was so full all the time and really enjoyed the food. After a satisfying breakfast of eggs, bacon with mushrooms and tomatoes, I didn’t even feel hungry for lunch – it kept me full until dinner and never felt the need to snack. They didn’t serve grains or starchy carbohydrates such as bread, rice, potato, pasta, noodles as well as no sugar, sweeteners and legumes. I didn’t miss any of these foods. I started to feel like I had more energy and my digestion problems were improving. I then realised that it was these foods that were making me overweight and unhealthy.

Motivation to Exercise

The exercise included walking, boxing fitness, natural movement, strength training and yoga. The trainers were excellent and motivated me to work hard but didn’t over train me. At the end of the 5 nights, I had lost 3 kg which gave me the kickstart I needed to continue eating Paleo. I attended another camp in August which gave me another final kick start to my weight loss success.

Weight Loss Success

I have now lost a total of 8.1 kg in 7 months and have never felt better – my energy is kept stable throughout the day, my blood glucose is normal, my digestion has never been better and I feel motivated to go to the gym and exercise. I stopped taking the statins in June 2012 after it was causing me so much muscle pain and tendon damage. I can now control my blood sugar level with eating a Paleo Diet. When people tell me “You have to eat carbohydrates for energy” and “You shouldn’t lose any more weight“, I don’t say anything because I know they are secretly jealous as I am the slimmest and healthiest I have ever been in my whole life.

Primal Retreat weight loss success

Now – Nov 2012 “I have never felt healthier & slimmer”

Thanks to the team at Primal Retreat as they helped and guided me through my weight loss journey this year. I have wanted to lose weight for such a long time but they have helped me with so much more than that – my health! I will continue living my healthy Paleo lifestyle. If you are looking to lose weight and improve your health then I recommend joining Primal Retreat.

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