Paleo Diet Helps A Type 1 Diabetic

Paleo diet helps type 1 diabetic

Dietitian Kelly Schmidt published an interview with an adult-onset type 1 diabetic.

Alexis was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and hypothyroid in 2012 at the age of 28.  She says she was proactive in managing her diabetes when she found out. She didn’t want to leave her two children with no mum. She discovered Paleo by doing her research online. This is how a low-carb “primal” diet changed her health:

“My A1c went from 8.3 when diagnosed to 5.5 in just a few months. If that’s not proof I don’t know what is!

Overall health has improved. I have much better mental clarity.  I feel less moody and irritable. I also notice a difference in my hair, skin and nails. I have tons of baby hair growing and I no longer have strange ridges in my nails. 

After being diagnosed I also discovered that I am definitely gluten intolerant and cannot eat legumes.  I used to think I had acne in high school but in retrospect it was these things manifesting themselves. My skin is perfectly clear after going Paleo.

Paleo has also helped me maintain my weight. I weighed 103 when diagnosed and looked very malnourished. I gained some weight back but have been able to maintain it by eating this way.

I also have to add that my dental health has improved ten fold. After many years of terrible dental visits I haven’t had one cavity and in fact, the last time I went for a cleaning my dentist said my teeth were so clean he didn’t even need to clean them!”

Alexis recommends Paleo to everyone. She says if it’s good for a diabetic then it’s probably good for you too! She says the best thing about eating this way is the mental clarity and the amazing amount of energy she now has. Many can take being diagnosed as diabetic as an early death sentence but managing her diabetes by eating Paleo makes her feel more satisfied with her life.

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