Ocado Launches Paleo Diet Aisle

ocado paleo diet aisle

Ocado, the online supermarket, has partnered with Joy Skipper, nutritionist and author of The Paleo Diet Made Easy, to create an aisle that consists entirely of Paleo-friendly foods. Ocado had noticed an increase in the number of Brits adopting a Paleo lifestyle so, in response they thought an aisle completely dedicated to Paleo would save time and make it much easier for customers when shopping.

Joy Skipper said: “Switching to the Paleo way of eating is very simple and once you start to cut out the foods your body finds hard to recognise, you will hopefully feel a vitality and energy that ensures you don’t want to go back to the way you were eating before..”

Joy Skipper has been following a Paleo diet since the Nineties, where she discovered it through a book that recommended it for athletes. Skipper doesn’t like to use the term ‘diet’ as it implies that it is something for the short term. 

It’s great to see that demand for Paleo-friendly foods are increasing. Let’s hope demand for eating real whole foods keeps growing.

Paleo Diet Aisle

Joy Skipper on Paleo Diet

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  1. Ruth

    Good for Ocado. Anything that makes it easier to find the products you want to buy to live a healthier life has got to be a good thing. It is amazing how many things you can buy now that are specifically for those who want to follow this lifestyle (I do agree about not calling it a diet). But watch out for things like snack bars that have been sweetened with honey and labelled Paleo – they maybe tasty, but they will still spike your blood sugar and leave you tired and wanting more!


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