The Obesity Epidemic Lecture Zoe Harcombe

The brilliant Zoe Harcombe gave the speech below in February 2012 at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales. It’s a comprehensive detail of why conventional wisdom and government guidelines on diet are complete rubbish, worse still, they have actually caused the current obesity epidemic. As a former 20 year vegetarian, it cannot be easy for her to explain why meats and saturated fat are actually healthy for us and promote weight loss. She exposes the flawed science behind the saturated fat myth, and how carbs and refined foods are wrecking our health and causing obesity.

Quotes from Zoe:

“Researchers at the University of Florida¬† say the people would rather be blind, deaf, or lose a limb rather than be obese, yet 1/4 to 1/3 of us are obese, and up to 2/3 of us are overweight”

“The laws of thermodynamics are about energy, they say absolutely nothing about weight”

More quotes in the lecture:

“We shouldn’t have to call it real food, we should just be able to call it food”

“There is no essential carbohydrate”

“Fat can’t make us fat”

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