Skype Nutritional and Weight Loss Coaching

Welcome to Primal Retreat’s online nutritional and weight loss coaching and support services.

The Paleo diet and Primal diet are excellent templates for designing better ways to live, eat, and exercise. However, it is most effective when we keep this in mind “Individualisation is key!”. What an athlete eats and what someone with 30% body fat should be eating are totally different.

Body composition isn’t the only factor determining diet and exercise, but preferences, allergies, lifestyle, ease of compliance, and many other factors are critical to long term weight management success. What works for you today, may not be as effective 3 months down the line when you have lost 2 stone.

This is why my consultations, meal and exercise plans are customised for you. You are an individual, and I believe that your weight loss plans should be tailored to make them as easy and enjoyable as possible.

My approach isn’t to strive for perfection, but aim to hit a minimum tipping point where the weight falls off, and stays off.

Initial Consultation (60 Mins) – via Skype or Telephone


This one hour consultation will start with us going through a health & behavioural questionnaire to establish a baseline. We will then determine what your goals are in relation to your weight, health, flexibility, mood, energy and vitality.

Doing this together brings out more honest and spontaneous answers, and allows me to gain a much fuller picture. The result being accurately tailored recommendations and support.

Based on the information you provide, I will make dietary & exercise recommendations that will help you reach your goals.

I will also recommend behavioural changes and best practices that will support you in your health or weight loss journey.

The initial consultation is a 1 hour Skype session (or telephone call) and no supporting material is provided.

For customised meal & exercise plans see the Monthly Individualised Meal and Exercise plans Paleo nutritional and weight loss coaching

Individualised Meal & Exercise Plans

28 Days – £50

For the monthly plans, you will receive a customised meal & exercise plan. The plans are tailored using the information you have provided me from our initial consultation.

It’s important that recommendations match your preferences & lifestyle. It’s also vital that my recommendations are simple and easy to follow. That is why I tailor your meal plan & exercise plan to you.

Weight Tracker: If weight loss is your goal, then you can email me daily or weekly measurements (your preference). This keeps you accountable, and it will also flag up if we need to make any improvements along the way.

  • 28 day tailored nutritional meal plan
  • 28 day tailored exercise plan (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Weight tracker – I monitor weight progress to keep you accountable
  • Weekly motivational email
  • FREE Paleo / Primal recipe ebook worth £10 when you purchase the initial consultation & first monthly meal & exercise planbuy Paleo nutritional and weight loss coaching Optional Extras

Follow up Skype / Telephone Coaching

30 minutes – £25

For most clients the initial consultation and monthly customised diet and exercise plans are adequate. However, some clients benefit from being held extra accountable, and enjoy the additional motivation and coaching by having further Skype or telephone calls on a regular basis while they work towards their goals.

For some clients this could be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, or on an ad-hoc basis if they have more detailed Paleo nutritional and weight loss coaching

Paleo / Primal Recipe Ebook – £10

42 delicious Paleo recipes: 14 Paleo breakfasts, 14 Paleo lunches, 14 Paleo dinners

Simple recipes that are easy to prepare and cook. Ingredients are easy to source and most recipes take only 20-30 minutes.

** Get this free when you pay for an initial consultation & your first monthly individualised meal and exercise Paleo nutritional and weight loss coaching

Stop Emotional Eating with Hypnotherapy

STOP Emotional Eating & Drinking in it’s tracks. Works by dealing with the underlying behaviours & beliefs and changes how you feel about food.

  • Lose weight
  • Improve Health
  • Gain Self Control
  • Boost Self Confidence and Self Esteem

For most clients, knowledge is power. Having the knowledge and following an intelligent meal & exercise plan allows them to lose the fat and restore their vitality.

However, for some, this isn’t enough. Their habits and behaviour are so entrenched that they are out of control and cannot stick to any diet plan or exercise regime for any length of time. They relapse time and time again, often regaining the weight, plus extra on top.

These people may label themselves binge eaters or emotional eaters. The label isn’t important, but behaviour change is imperative.

Hypnotherapy is excellent for these individuals as it influences the subconscious to change habits permanently.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss restores control when it comes to eating, and helps create new and better habits that support weight loss.

Sessions can be held in person in Woodbridge Suffolk, or via Skype. £75 per session

Please note, clinical hypnotherapy can be used for a wide range of conditions, and not just weight loss/emotional eating. For example, smoking, anxiousness, addictions, stress, insomnia, phobias, pain control etc. Please contact me for rates or if you have any other questions. buy Paleo nutritional and weight loss coaching

Contact Stuart to book an appointment or for further information.