Mothers who want their kids to eat healthy must “lead by example”

Practice what you preach: Mothers who want their kids to eat healthy then they should eat healthy themselves. The children of mothers who binge on junk food are more likely to have unhealthy eating habits. Parents who want their kids to be healthy, it is more successful to lead by example rather than using reward or punishments, according to researchers at Michigan State University.

Researchers also found that overtly restricting certain foods (such as junk food) from a child while others are eating them at meal times can lead to unhealthy eating too. A healthy food environment is really important for children which means maintaining regular meal times.

I would also add that sitting together as a family around a table is also important so that children can associate meal times with family therefore, creating a healthy food environment. Eating meals in front of the television takes time away from the parents to engage in conversation with their children. Overweight children reported eating 50% of their dinner meals while watching television, compared to just 35% by “normal” weight children. Research suggests that children who eat dinner with their parents tend to eat healthier. Poor eating habits are linked to several chronic diseases such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, according to Dr. Cullen.


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