Low Carb High Fat Ultramarathon Runner Sets World Record

Tim Olsen, an athlete on a low carb, high fat diet has won the “Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race” and broke the record by over 20 minutes.  According to Mark Sisson, it is possible to be an endurance athlete and eat a Primal / Paleo diet. He also says that you can not only maximise performance but also extend your career as well as reduce injury and decrease body fat.

Tim Olsen has proven that “fat loading” instead of “carb loading” has been beneficial for him and has enabled him to get a remarkable competitive edge. High carbers have to fuel up more often compared to low carb adapted athletes who run on fat, and have 3 times as much fuel in the tank to complete the race.

“Steve Phinney (one of the authors of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance) says that more and more endurance athletes are choosing to eat low carb,high fat. They’re choosing this diet both to get over digestive problems that hit in such a demanding event, and to win the race, and win it BIG!”

There were some low carb runners in the race that were in their 60’s and found they performed better, after having adpated to a low carb high fat diet. One lady switched from high carb to low carb and beat her previous time by over 2 hours.


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