Kalahari Killers

Primal Retreat kalahari hunters

This is an amazing documentary in which Hayden Turner follows the San tribe in the Kalahari desert tracking and hunting. They track their pray for miles using poison arrows. Their knowledge on animal behaviour is considered to be the best on the planet.

They have hunted animals in the desert for 60,000 years. It’s a lot of pressure for the hunters because if they don’t hunt food that day, the rest of the village don’t eat.

They use two unique languages, one for village and family life and one of ‘clicking’ sounds just for hunting.This is so animals don’t identify normal speech patterns and the ‘clicks’ fit more into nature.

The fitness level of these hunters are exceptional, they walk and run in bare feet in 43 degrees heat as well as having amazing stamina. The leader of the tribe is the oldest at nearly 70 years old. He has absolutely amazing endurance and fitness.

This video is worth watching;

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