Paleo Success Story at Primal Retreat

Paleo Weight Loss Success Story

Janet Before Joining Primal Retreat – April 2013

Paleo Weight Loss Sucess

Janet Now – 3 months after attending Primal Retreat













Janet joined us at Primal Retreat in April 2013 for 5 nights. Since then she continued to eat a Paleo/Primal diet and the weight continued to drop off. 3 months later she looks amazing and most importantly, very healthy. Here is her story after joining Primal Retreat:

Unsure what to expect after deciding with a few days notice to attend the 5 day Primal Retreat in mid-April, I ended up enjoying every minute (except the skipping!!!).I amazed myself with the progress made in fitness levels – encouraged by good natured teasing from Teresa, Martha, Mary and Lorna in our endeavours!

Currently not working, I had allowed myself to eat more than I could burn off daily, and as a result my weight had risen beyond healthy levels. However, I have never had the inclination to follow a diet, and certainly cannot envisage ‘counting calories’ or working out how many ‘sins’ to allow myself!

So I was delighted to learn that the Paleo diet followed on the camp was easy to continue at home, and have largely done so since. Firstly I needed to give up the sugar in multiple daily cups of coffee – not as hard as I thought it would be. Determined to continue the good habits learnt, my sister (who had also attended the camp) and I were so encouraged by each losing nearly half a stone on the camp that we gave ourselves six weeks to see how well we could continue at home.

Losing a further half stone within that time, I have continued the regime and am now 3 pounds off 2 stone in 3 months – definitely more than I could have considered back in April and those final few pounds will leave me at a weight where I am happy to maintain.

Whilst cutting out carbs and sugars has had the major impact, I have also tried to increase my exercise, doing an hour a day usually 5 days a week of Yoga (luckily live where Lorraine runs a weekly class), pilates, walking or biking. I am delighted with my improved energy, stamina and flexibility, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the camp to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.

Whilst willpower/determination have a part to play, I haven’t allowed it to ‘rule my life’, and can now go out for meals or eat with friends without fretting about the occasional piece of pie/pasta or pudding. However, I have also found restaurants are happy to substitute extra vegetables instead of potatoes, and sharing a pudding is often popular with others in the party too!

In summary, since the Camp I have lost 14cm from waist (9 while there); 10.5cm from hips (2.5 there), and 10cm from thigh (0.5 there) – definitely notice a difference in legs! dropped at least one size in clothes, and good excuse for new wardrobe!

Much better energy and motivation levels, with ‘common sense’ determining what to eat each day rather than constantly having to research what ‘is allowed’. Most recipes can be adapted to Paleo – loved the mashed cauliflower which Lorraine cooked so now use it as a topping for ‘shepherds pie’; ‘lasagne’ with thinly sliced fried courgettes/parsnips/peppers instead of pasta sheets; home-made meatballs; lots of fish; marinated chicken, omelettes of every variety – the options are endless!!

For anyone who is considering attending Primal retreat with Lorraine & Stuart – do it, you won’t regret it!!


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