Interview With Dr. Osbourne On Gluten Free Paleo Diet

dr osborne gluten free diet

Today’s short video is an interview with Functional Medicine Expert, Dr. Peter Osborne. He discusses gluten, grain, lectins and autoimmune disease .

Why are food allergies on the rise?

Dr. Osborne explains that there have been more changes  to the food supply in the last 30 years than in the last 10, 000 years. These changes include additions of chemical pesticides and genetic manipulations to the plants we grow. Our human DNA have not had enough time to tolerate these changes and therefore, making many sick.

In his experience, those that have gone on a gluten free diet have eaten replacement gluten free products such as bread, pasta,  and cereals, which are made with grains, corn and rice. Gluten, grains and corn triggers the same response with gluten sensitivity. Corn and rice products are just making illnesses worse.

Lectins ( a chemical) found in beans and seeds act in the same way to gluten in that they can cause leaky gut. In turn this causes allergies to lots of things. Grains are inducers of autoimmune disease.

Gluten is tied to 190 autoimmune diseases. Advice from Dr. Osborne is that if a doctor cannot figure out what’s wrong and medications are not helping, then seek further help.

Short 6 minute interview:

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