How To Lose Weight Over Christmas: Part 4

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4. Avoid Junk or Processed Food

If you want to lose weight this Xmas, then avoid junk or processed foods. Instead, eat real food! Eat Paleo!

By eliminating processed foods, you will feel better, be more energetic and it will support your body in burning fat.

Many manufacturer’s put chemicals, preservatives and additives in food, yet most people never think to check the ingredients or really care what’s in their food.

Here are a few obvious, but helpful questions when deciding the quality of food to be eaten.

Is this food in its natural state? For example, blueberries are a natural food but blueberry jam is not because sugar would have been added. A home made salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and olive oil is natural but a pre-made salad from the shop may not be, as they may have added mayonnaise or sugar.

Are there hidden ingredients? Ingredients to look out for and avoid are; natural flavours, soy lecithin, glycerin, emulsifiers, soy, gluten, sugar, glucose, flour, wheat, glucose syrup, starch & vegetable oil.

These can all be bad for your health, and contribute to weight gain.  Always check ingredients, even in foods that you don’t expect to contain sugar or other nasties. For example, even plain meats, fish, or chicken can contain added ingredients. It’s surprising where they crop up.

A diet high in junk / processed food has been shown in many studies to result in increased levels of depression, anxiety, mood swings, hyperactivity and other mental emotional problems.

Eat real whole foods, so you can feel well and be well. 

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