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About our Weekend Fitness Retreats

Attend one of our Weekend Primal Retreats and you can expect a fun, challenging, and exhilarating experience. You will improve your fitness, and become more motivated & energised. Our weekend retreats are ideal for shaking off the hustle and bustle of city working life & recharging your body and mind.

Weekend retreats are ideal for kick starting a new health and fitness regime, or building on an existing fitness platform. You will learn new skills and improve your co-ordination, balance, speed, and strength.

  • No calorie restriction – We don’t starve you
  • Varied exercise – We don’t over exercise you
  • A fun, challenging, and great learning experience

What’s Included

Primal Fitness Retreat UKThe Accommodation – Peace & Tranquillity

  • 2 Nights in Stunning Countryside Accommodation
  • All Meals – 3 Tasty Paleo Meals per Day
  • Unlimited Coffee, Tea, Herbal Teas & Water.
  • All Exercise – Walking, Boxing Fitness, Forest Training, Natural Movement, Circuit Training, Kettlebells, & Yoga
  • No Hidden Costs
  • Bags of Fun, Encouragement, Motivation


Fitness Retreat UKForest Training – Exercising In Nature

On our weekend camps you can expect a variety of low and high intensity exercise. You will have up to 5 hours of exercise per day including a long walk in the morning, an afternoon circuit, boxing fitness, or forest training, natural movement class, and we finish with a late afternoon yoga session.

  • 3 exercises per day, a maximum of 5 hours per day – We don’t over exercise you
  • Plenty of downtime – Relaxation & Re-cooperation is healthy & important
  • Variety of exercise – burn fat, tone, improve agility, power & mobility

Group Size

Boxing Fitness at Primal Fitness Retreat UKBoxing Fitness at Primal Retreat

On each camp we limit group size to 6 participants at a time. We find this gives a more personal and quality experience. You will benefit by having much more personal attention while exercising, and we find that this fosters a relaxed, friendly, and informal environment.

There is plenty of downtime where it’s possible to mix with other participants, or just spend time on your own to recharge.

  • Small groups – You get more personal attention from the trainers
  • Relaxed, friendly, informal environment
  • Non military style. – You are treated like adults and not like numbers


Paleo food primal retreatTasty Free Range Omelet with Optional Prawns

Our menu is based on the Paleo diet (should be called the Paleo Lifestyle). We don’t calorie count or restrict, and we don’t starve our clients. Foods are extremely nutritious, healthy and tasty. It’s simple wholesome food that should leave you full with a feeling of satisfaction & well being.

Expect a mix of wild caught fish, seafood, fresh meats, chicken, fresh vegetables, fresh salad, free range eggs. A little dairy is available and optional. We cook with traditional oils & fats. Please ask us about allergies or special dietary requirements. ** Note: We do not follow a low fat menu (They don’t work for most people).

Foods we don’t serve: processed foods, sugar, grains (e.g. wheat, barley, oats, cereals), legumes (e.g. beans, lentils), soy, processed vegetable oils,  fruit juice, sweeteners. 

Note: Although potatoes, white rice, and fruit are acceptable on a Paleo or Primal Diet, we don’t serve them by default on our weekend retreats (to maximise weight loss). However, upon request, we can serve white potato, sweet potato, or white rice with your evening meal.

  • Freshly cooked, tasty and healthy meals based on the Paleo diet
  • We don’t calorie count or restrict  – we don’t starve you!
  • Feel full and satisfied
  • Improve mood, health & optimise fat burning

Dates & Prices

Prices are per person based on two people sharing a twin room. Don’t worry if you want to come alone, we will place you in a room with another person of the same gender. This is a great way to make friends.  If you would like a room to yourself, then we offer single room supplements. Please contact us for details.

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