Gluten Free Diet Can Reverse Type 1 Diabetes

gluten free paleo diet diabetes

Our video this week is about the association between initiation of type 1 diabetes and gluten. There is a possibility that a gluten free diet can reverse type 1 diabetes

Dr Vikki Petersen gives an example of a 14 year old girl who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January 2012. 1 month later, her mum took her off gluten. Her need for insulin decreased dramatically. In August 2012 (7 months later), she was completely off insulin and doing great. She was quoted as saying “It gets lonely on the road less travelled”.

A study done on mice has shown that gluten creates inflammation and a gluten free diet creates anti inflammatory chemicals. Dr Petersen says if your type 1 diabetic then it’s worth a trial to see if a gluten free diet can help. It’s not dangerous to try. Watch the 9 minute video below:

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