Gluten Free Movement Is Growing In Popularity

dr william davis wheat belly

Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist from Milwaukee says that everyone should avoid wheat, whether you have Celiac or not. In his best selling book “Wheat Belly”, Dr. Davis argues that the wheat produced in the last 40 years has been genetically modified that makes it really unhealthy to consume. He therefore, advises all his patients to cut wheat out completely.

Dr Davis advises that people should give it a try and cut out all wheat, barley and rye then see for themselves what difference it makes. He warns that it will be difficult in the beginning as you will start to realise how many products in the supermarket contain wheat. The first few days/week  will also be difficult as you will crave carbohydrate/sugar foods.

A gluten free diet is growing in popularity as more and more studies are linking gluten to various diseases. Hopefully, leading more people to replace processed food with real food. People still need to be careful about buying and eating gluten free substitutes such as bread and cakes. These foods are still highly processed, genetically modified and full of chemicals.

FOX6’s Ted Perry’s full interview with Dr. William Davis

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