Gary Taubes Reveals Sugar Industry Dubious Tactics

Gary Taubes Primal Retreat

Gary Taubes, author of the bestsellers “Good Calories, Bad Calories” & “Why We Get Fat”,  is about to publish his latest book “Big Sugar’s Sweet Little Lies” co authored with Cristin Kearns Couzens. Together they use internal documents to show how the sugar industry has managed to dilute the scientific evidence implicating sugar in a host of deadly diseases.

See the full article here at MotherJones

Gary also opened himself up to Questions and Answers about the book on this reddit thread

Below is Gary in a 5 minute interview discussing the findings for this book.

“One diabetes expert testified that anything more than 70 pounds per person per year—about half of what is sold in America today—might spark epidemics.”


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