Freddie Flintoff Loses Over 13kg Eating Paleo

freddie flintoff paleo diet

Freddie Flintoff, 34 year old former cricketer has lost an amazing 30Ibs / 13kg in only 7 weeks. He has lost the weight eating a Paleo Diet / Caveman Diet. He has avoided foods such as sugar and refined carbohydrates and has also given up alcohol. He says he will eat a steak or buffalo burger for breakfast, 12 almonds mid-morning, two chicken dinners a day with green vegetables, 2 boiled eggs or some berries mid afternoon and then fish and green vegetables for dinner.

Since retiring from cricket in 2010, he is now a professional boxer. He had his first boxing match in November of this year, beating American Richard Dawson. He was previously known as an overweight cricketer who at his heaviest was about 20 stone. Since changing his diet to Paleo, he now looks really slim, more muscle, as well as much healthier.


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