You Eat Paleo & Your Partner Doesn’t – What To Do?

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It can be difficult if you eat a healthy Paleo Diet but your partner doesn’t, especially if you enjoy eating together. So, what can you do? If you want to continue eating a healthy Paleo Diet then you will have to do all the cooking. It does mean more time and effort into making meals that will suit the both of you. However, for the sake of keeping your improved health and energy, it will be worth it.¬†Here are 6 things you can try to help convince your partner to change their lifestyle:


Accept that your partner does not want to eat a Paleo Diet. They want to continue eating their sandwiches, cereal, cake etc. The majority of people don’t like to be told what to do, especially by their partners! Once you accept that it’s not your place to tell them what to eat, they will be more open to change.

2. Lead By Example

The best way to convince a person is to lead by example – quietly and confidently. If your losing weight, have lots of energy, looking vibrant and healthy, your partner won’t want to be the only one who is overweight, unhealthy and lethargic. This could give them the motivation to make some changes in their lifestyle without you having to nag them.

3. Cook Dinner To Suit Both Of You

If I ever have guests over for dinner, I don’t expect them to follow my Paleo Diet. So, I will always give them the option of some potatoes or rice with their meat and veg. It’s not much extra work or time to do this and much easier than trying to cook two meals every time. If your partner sees that you have at least made an effort to give them some non Paleo food, they may feel less inclined to complain.

4. Turn Non Paleo Foods To Paleo Alternatives

Try making non Paleo dinners into Paleo / low carb versions. For example, a Paleo Cottage Pie using cauliflower for the mash instead of potato or a Paleo Coconut Ice Cream that’s sugar free.

5. Make Paleo Food Tasty

Make your Paleo meals tasty and delicious. It will involve extra time and effort in preparing and cooking meals but if your partner starts to see how delicious your meals are, they may be more happy in the future to just eat what your eating.

6. Understanding the Science

Send them some information to read on Paleo health and lifestyle. I would only do this if they show some interest on what Paleo is. It’s harder to argue with science. Just remember that even if they understand the principles of Paleo, it may still not be enough to change their eating habits.

If they still want to continue eating junk and processed foods after all of this, then it’s their choice. It’s always hard to see someone you love damaging their health but unless they have the motivation to change for themselves, no one can force them. Even if they only changed 20-30% of their diet to healthy Paleo food, it’s better than 0%. For some people, it will be a gradual change. The thought that they have to stop eating all the foods that they love overnight is a lot harder than making small changes over a period of time.

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