Dr. Terry Wahls Cures Her MS With Paleo Diet

terry wahls cures ms with paleo diet

Here is an amazing Ted talk by Dr. Terry Wahls. Ex National Taekwondo Champion, she was diagnosed with MS in 2000. Over the next 7 years she sought the best help from the best doctors and MS institutes and took the best medicines. However, her symptoms progressively worsened. Finally, by 2007 she couldn’t even sit up straight and needed a reclining wheel chair, she could just about walk short distances using two canes. She has been diagnosed with secondary progressive MS and no medicine or chemotherapy eased her symptoms.

Fearing that she would become bed ridden, Dr. Wahls studied the latest research on brain function and what nutrition was essential to prevent brain shrinkage which can lead to diseases such as MS, Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s. Combined with research on Paleo and Hunter Gatherer Diets by experts such as Dr Loren Cordain she devised a Paleo based diet for herself to see if her conditions would improve.

Dr. Wahls’ diet basically consisted of green leaves (E.g kale, spinach), sulphur rich vegetables (E.g. cabbage, mushrooms), bright coloured vegetables (E.g. beets and berries), grass fed meats & organ meat (Omega 3 rich meats), fish and seaweed.  Foods that were not eaten or minimised were the usual neolithic culprits – processed foods, gluten, dairy, excess carbohydrates etc.

The results were spectacular. Within 3 months she could walk between rooms with only 1 cane, and 1 month later she could walk around the hospital without any cane. Within 5 months she rode a bike for the first time in 10 years, and just a few months later, amazingly, she cycled 18 miles. The following year, she did a trail ride through the Canadian Rockies.

Dr. Terry Wahls now describes herself as a modern hunter gatherer and is actively involved in promoting the positive effects of Paleo and Hunter Gatherer diets in sickness prevention and treatment.

The Video is only 17 minutes, and really worth watching. See it here:

Dr. Terry Wahls’ Ted Talk Nov 2011 – Minding Your Mitochondria

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