Does High Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease?

Which population has the highest rate of heart disease in the world? And which population has the lowest cholesterol levels in the world?  Watch this one minute video by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick to discover that the two populations above are one and the same.  Also, discover which European country has the highest cholesterol level in the world, but have heart disease rates of 1/3 of that in the UK.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is a UK GP and author of “The Great Cholesterol Con”. His video highlights statistical analysis showing that higher cholesterol levels cause heart disease.

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) set up a study called the Multinational Monitoring of Trends in determinants in Cardiovascular Disease, otherwise known as MONICA. I think it’s amazing that you can see this data and still believe in the Cholesterol Hypothesis.”

Kendrick plotted the cholesterol levels and rates of heart disease for most of the European countries, and added in the data from Australian Aboriginals. The reason he included Australian Aboriginals is that they had the highest rate of heart disease in the world (2007), therefore, you would expect them to have the highest rate of cholesterol. However, they actually have the lowest rate of cholesterol from all the groups studied. Their heart disease rate is 15 times higher than the UK and 30 times higher than France.

Conversely, the Swiss have the highest levels of cholesterol in the world (2007), yet their rate of heart disease is about 1/3 of those in the UK. Across the countries analysed by Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, you can see that there is no correlation between higher Cholesterol and heart disease.


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