Daily Mail Eating like a cavewoman IS the best way to lose weight

cavewoman diet caveman diet weight loss

The Daily Mail had a write up today on why eating like a cavewoman is the best way to lose weight. On the whole, all exposure and awareness around the Paleo Diet is a great thing, but the article had several inaccuracies about the Paleo Diet.

The original Paleo Diet recommended only lean meats, but science & the diet has moved on since those days. Paleo diets for weight loss tend to be higher in fat (animal fats) and lower in bad carbohydrate (gluten grains, refined sugar et).

The Paleo Diet is more of a template, and macro nutrient ratios are not set in stone. The ratio of carbs / fat should be based on health, requirements, and personal preference.

Dairy is another grey area. If you are not lactose intolerant, then dairy should not be a problem, and is a matter of choice. The emphasis is on whole food / real food that is lower in toxins.

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