Breakfast In The UK – Changing Trends

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According to the Grocer, people in Britain have been swapping their cereal and toast for breakfast for a higher protein breakfast, with eggs showing a 13.7% rise in consumption in the last year. Bacon and sausage have also seen a rise in popularity as cereal sales declined.

The Grocer also reports the following statistics in the UK:

  • Cereal, tea and bread are the three most common breakfast items, though cereal and bread have been in long term decline.
  • Eggs are now being eaten 13.7% more often at breakfast than they were a year ago – they feature in about one in 13 breakfasts – partly because of reports that they help people feel full for longer
  • There has also been a 7.1% increase in bacon consumption at breakfast in the last six months
  • One in three people regularly skip breakfast.

Conventional wisdom says that eating breakfast helps with weight loss and boosts metabolism. However, evidence to prove this is sparse. According to Mark Sisson, “fasting / skipping meals once in a while seems to offer many of the same benefits of calorie restriction – you know, stuff like increased longevity, neuroprotection, increased insulin sensitivity, stronger resistance to stress, some cool effects on endogenous hormone production, increased mental clarity, plus more – but without the active, agonising restriction”. More benefits of intermittent fasting.

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