Boy of 6 with Type 1 Diabetes on Gluten Free Diet in Remission

Remission without insulin therapy on gluten free diet in a 6 year old boy with type 1 diabetes

A boy nearly 6 years old was diagnosed with classical type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) without celiac disease. He started on a gluten free diet after 2-3 week without need of insulin treatment. Intially, his fasting blood glucose stablislised at 4.0-5.0 mmol/l. After 20 months he is still without daily insulin therapy.

These were his results:

(1) His initial HbA1c was 7.8% and was stabilised at 5.8%-6.0% without insulin therapy. (A normal non-diabetic HbA1C is 3.5-5.5%. In diabetes about 6.5% is good).
(2) His fasting glucose was maintained at 4.0-5.0 mmol/l. (Diabetes is diagnosed on the criteria of fasting blood glucose level in excess of 7.7 mmol/l).
(3) He does not need insulin therapy.
(4) TheĀ gluten free diet was safe and without side effects.


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