Arthur De Vany’s New Evolution Diet

Most people within the Paleo field would have heard of Professor Arthur De Vany. He is not only one of the Paleo Pioneers, but a legend in his own right. Art is 72 years old and has the body of a God. At over 6 feet tall, Art has only 8% body fat with a muscular and symmetrical body. It’s often commented that his biological age is 20 – 30 years younger than his real age.

Art’s Secret

What is De Vany’s secret? He attributes his good health and physique  to switching to a Paleo based diet 30 years ago. Art doesn’t try to literally emulate the Paleo diet, but rather use the principles as a guide on the healthiest ways to eat and exercise. Art is often described as a “modern day caveman” and has been called “Superman’s slightly fitter grandad” by the London Times.

Art’s Guiding Principles

1. Enjoy the pleasure of food and do not count or restrict calories. Eat a diet low in glucose and starch that is similar (but not identical ) to the one humans lived with for thousands of years as human metabolism evolved.

2. Do not starve yourself, but DO go hungry episodically, for brief periods. That just means you should practice partial fasting once a week or so. An easy way to do that is to skip meals when you have other things to do.

3. Exercise less, not more, but with more playfulness and intensity. Exercise for the pleasure of the sensations, not to burn calories. Exercise to create a beautiful, strong body with a high resting metabolism and a large physiological capacity to move through life easily and handle stress and challenges easily.


Art’s Diet

Art’s diet consists mainly around fruits and vegetables, and meat and fish, with a few supplements. He avoids grains, starchy carbs and foods that spike insulin rapidly. He appears to eat more fruit and less fat than other Paleo followers, but his body composition and bio-markers cannot be argued against. He is ageing at a much slower rate than most people, and his annual doctor check up confirms all of his body biomarkers are decades below his true age.

Art’s Exercise Regime

Art’s exercise is short and intense with a heavy focus on lifting weights (which he also advocates for women too), and playful exercise such as walking, sprinting or playing tug of war with his nephews. He also stresses the importance of randomness when it comes to exercise. He tries to vary the time, frequency, and routine as much possible in order to simulate the randomness hunter gathers experienced while hunting and foraging.

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  1. Claire theobald

    Have just started a new revolution diet. I am enjoying how I feel already! I am looking forward to being fitter and more lean and feeling good mentally and physically. I am nearly 50 and I want to train my body and mind to be healthier! I enjoy the food and the approach I don’t feel under pressure like I have been on other diets! Just feel it’s a good way of life.

    1. Primal Retreat UK

      Great to hear Claire. Keep us updated with your progress.



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