Egg Yolks – Good For You?

According to Chris Masterjohn, egg yolks are good for you. Yes, they are full of cholesterol as well as full of important nutrients and essential fatty acids. There is and has never been any evidence to show that cholesterol-rich egg yolks contribute to heart disease.

Chris Masterjohn explains that egg yolks contain much more nutrients than the egg white. “The yolk contains more than 90% of the calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamin, B6, folate, and B12, and 89% of the panthothenic acid (9 items). The white does not contain more than 90% of any nutrient, but contains over 80% of the magnesium, sodium, and niacin (3 items)”.

Eggs have been given a bad name because of their cholesterol content but its important to know that cholesterol itself does not cause heart disease. Cholesterol is a nutrient and plays an essential role in the body. Our bodies naturally makes much more cholesterol in the body than we could eat from food. In fact, a study by the University of Connecticut found that when people ate 2-3 eggs a day, virtually everyone experience no change or beneficial changes to their cholesterol.

When buying eggs, pastured eggs or free range eggs are of much higher nutritional quality than eggs from caged chickens.

Chris Masterjohn used to be a vegetarian and believed that animal foods was the cause of most diseases and cholesterol was a killer but found his health had deteriorated as a result. He then turned his health around by eating organ meats, butter, eggs, and other foods demonized because of their cholesterol content. He now actively promotes the truth about cholesterol.


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  1. PaleoEater

    There are few things as nice as a fried egg with a lovely runny yolk.

    For recipes that need extra yolks a nifty trick to separate them from the egg whites is to use an empty plastic water bottle to suck them up.

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