10 Reasons to Lose Weight & Get Healthier

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When setting a weight loss goals, it is often helpful to keep the purpose in mind. If there are not any reasons to lose weight or the the reasons are not strong enough then the motivation is not likely to be there when the going gets tough.

Below is a list of the top 10 reasons to lose weight and get healthier.

1. Massively boost self confidence

Being overweight can damage self esteem and confidence. Losing weight will not only boost confidence from looking good, but also from the feeling of self achievement.

2. Promote Good Health

The list of obesity related illness is endless, and losing weight will increase your chances of living longer, and more importantly a healthier life.

3. Increase the Peace

Eating healthy and nutritious food, especially low carb dishes releases the right balance “feel good hormones and neurotransmitters” into the body, such as seratonin. These make us feel happy and at peace.

4. Expand your social life

As people lose weight and get slimmer, so does their energy and desire to  participate in energy burning activities. While losing weight or even after, there a numerous clubs and social actives with like minded people. Increased confidence often leads to making new friends and forging new relationships.

5. Reduce stress and tension

Being overweight or obese can be stressful on the body, especially the knees and back. It  can also be stressful mentally with constant worrying about food and physical appearance.  A slim healthy body will reduce physical stresses on the body, and can ease mental tension.

7. Increase feelings of positivity

Just as feelings of peacefulness increase, so do feelings of positivity. A positive self image, more energy, more friends, and a stronger feeling of self worth can all boost positivity.

8. Reduce depression

Being overweight and eating a poor diet can increase risk of depression. The saying “what you feel like today, is a result of what you ate yesterday.  It’s important get plenty of healthy fats, low carbohydrates, and do plenty of exercise. A paleo diet and lifestyle will reduce body fat, tone muscle, and can reduce depression (see what really makes us fat).

9. Increase salary, promotion, and job prospects

Surveys and tests often show that larger people are discriminated against when it comes to job interviews, promotions, and pay increases. Getting slimmer could actually increase your wealth and job success

10. Improve your sex life

In western cultures, a lean toned body is seen as healthier and more attractive than a flabby one.  If you are single, you will attract more partners, and if in a relationship, your partner will want it more often. You’ll also have more energy for it too.

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