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About our Primal Retreats

Primal Retreat is a residential health and fitness retreat in the UK, based on the sunny Suffolk Coast. We run Weekend Fitness Primal Retreats and throughout the year.

Join us for on one of our scheduled retreats throughout the year where we take up to 6 people. If you cannot make these dates, you can always choose your own dates (find more information here )

On our weekend retreats we limit group size to six people per retreat. We find this gives a more personal and quality experience. You will benefit by having much more individual attention while exercising, and we find that this fosters a relaxed, friendly, and informal environment.

There is also plenty of downtime where it’s possible to mix with other participants, or just spend time on your own to recharge.

All Inclusive

  • 2 Accommodation
  • All Paleo Meals & Drinks
  • All Exercise Routines – Walking, Boxing Fitness, Kickboxing Fitness, Natural Movement, Circuit Training, Yoga
  • Friendly & Encouraging Atmosphere
  • No Hidden Costs

Paleo Diet / Primal Diet

Our menu is based on the Paleo diet (should be called the Paleo Lifestyle). We don’t calorie count or restrict, and we don’t starve our clients. Foods are extremely nutritious, healthy and tasty. It’s simple wholesome food that should leave you full with a feeling of satisfaction & well being. Find out more on the retreat pages or read our testimonials to see how other participants enjoyed the food.

Exercise & Fitness

On all our residential retreats you can expect a variety of low and high intensity exercise.

You will have up to 4.5 hours of exercise per day which will include a long walk in the morning, an afternoon circuit, boxing fitness or natural movement class, and then we finish with a late afternoon yoga session to wind down before dinner.

Natural Movement has grown in popularity over recent years with the growing realisation that humans need to reconnect with nature, and rediscover how our bodies are designed to move.

We practice techniques such as balancing, crawling, jumping, lifting, throwing, and climbing. These drills are fun, exhilarating, and will leave you feeling stronger, fitter, with improved mobility & agility.

No experience is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. You train within your own ability and fitness level.

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